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In Topic: Review: Make Your Move 3D

14 July 2013 - 06:01 PM

Thanks for the review. I think you put it very well. I can imagine your mixed feelings somewhat.
Going to watch the movie on August 29th if all goes as plan. I'm looking forward to coming back to this thread to share my thought later. ^^

Not a fan of tap dance myself....

In Topic: BoA asks fans to not record during her concerts

24 February 2011 - 08:35 PM

I felt sick. And sad.

Like Moon&Sunrise and 8Ribbon said, this is BoA's playful, funny self. I laughed out loud when I first saw the meaning of her tweet (along with the actual way she said it).
She was just like "oops! how could I said things like I encourage stealth recording by fans. *guilty to her companies* I should say some of the right thing..?, so as not to show I am all for stealth recording...."

Let me translate her tweet again even if my Korean skill sucks :
but come to think of it.... recording at an event is not allowed.. next time, please refrain from doing so^^
[the end of her sentence she wrote with aegyo sound. as in speaking in a baby voice - so it has a playful note in it, not a serious pleading or pointing out right and wrong sharply.]
* she wrote the sentence in polite form, just ending it with baby voice/aegyo

It's not like I am always awed and blindly see everything BoA does as "good" and "proper" all the time, but such flipping comments from her so-called fans are a bit too much.
By the way, I always see BoA speaks in the polite form in both Korean and Japanese language. She use ban-mal (casual language) only to her fans(mostly Korean fans) or close friends.
When a few slang words or casual language with positive meanings left her mouth, even in a joking way, she nearly always apologize.
I think it is precious to see the confidence she has in her fans' Love, Appreciation and Support at times (not as often as I would like to see, though) in the form of cute language she uses sometimes.

Perhaps she should not have such confidence at all because not many fans are always appreciative. Many are more easily to complain and find faults. Luckily not the majority of her hard core Korean fans.
I am sorry if what I said above came out as rude. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just voice out mine.

In Topic: Are you losing interest in BoA?

05 January 2010 - 07:03 AM

Somehow, BoA is the only artist I love even though she often does things that I don't like (or even dislike).

I don't like many of her songs but there are still many new songs that I enjoy.
Of all her releases since Eat You Up, I only love Did Ya, Eien and Mamoritai~White Wishes~ and I like I Did It For Love though not very much.
I love her dance in Energetic but I don't care much for the song itself. Same for EYU.
I keep disliking this song and that style she did, I keep wondering why BoA's live singing is getting worse (her breathing technique is not as good as 2 years ago) and why she seemed so weak (well, noticeably weaker than before) nearly all the time throughout 2009.
I get bored she didn't do stuff I have been waiting for since 2005 such as a Korean comeback.
I spent more time doting on SNSD. But. I still love BoA so much and buy 2 copies of BoA CDs. I still want BoA to do well and last as long as she wants to be in the music world.
Am I losing interest in her? Maybe yes but I guess I can't forget and can't stop supporting my favorite girl whom I have been watching, who grew up on stage. BoA has my lifelong fanhood. Her singing voice is always fascinating to me.

In Topic: Why this jacket is really popular?

06 December 2009 - 10:02 PM

I have to say the jacket looked most classy and most expensive on our BoA.

In Topic: [JP Calendar] BoA's 2010 Japanese Calendar (7)

06 December 2009 - 10:00 PM

Ah, thank you so much! While I don't like sexy poses, I love http://img22.imagesh...i/ca201002.jpg/ like crazy!!
Her cuteness kills.