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[JP Fan Club] SOUL magazine vol.23 + vol.24 picture scans (HQ)

15 September 2009 - 09:53 AM

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Credits : jumpingboa-th.com + uriboa

Hope you enjoy it, especially boanjel. ^^

mu-mo MIT DVD bonus poster 2007.08.08

08 August 2007 - 05:05 AM

Thanks to noshadow31 who took the picture for me.
I pre-ordered Arena Tour 2007 DVD at mu-mo shop
and it came with this bonus poster (limited for early pre-orders only). :thumbsup:

credit : noshadow31 + wobwab
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BoA the LIVE + Complete Clips Poster

11 March 2007 - 02:31 AM

Click on the thumbnail.

Posted Image

credit : full snapshot by Anuun @ Beat of BoA Thailand, who was lucky enough to get the poster for free. + wobwab

I also posted these ones at the other thread.

Let's see the the larger snapshot :
Posted Image

Posted Image

and I also got :
Posted Image

I pre-ordered mine first, then a week later I pre-ordered for a friend.
Exactly the same items on each order from the same store, exactly the same price,
but my friend got a bonus poster while I DIDN'T GET anything. Imagine how frustrated I was T_T. :bash: :ban:
Gimme my BoA the LIVE poster! >_< I began to hate HMV.