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BoA's letter to fans

05 October 2005 - 01:12 PM

hehe, she's got some cute writing. I got this from another forum and the translation too. Enjoy ^_^

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Here's the translation

To my lovely fans, Hi~ This is BoA~

Is this the first time you've seen my handwriting in a letter?! (Please understand that I have a bad handwriting~ ^.^Wink It has been five years already... ㅠ.ㅠ (so quick ~...).

You guys have encouraged me constantly for over 5 years. You also gave me so much love that could only have been received in an entire lifetime. For that, I believe I'm a very lucky girl...

My unnerving audition...3 years of tough training...the day I performed the first time with "ID; Peace B"...I don't think I ever felt that nervous. Like I was born once again?? Although five years have passed since then, and when I think about it now, it's really vivid, and feels just like yesterday. (You surely remember? Little BoA~)

All those times I cried and laughed with you, I'm pretty sure we will share more of them from now on.

The yellow balloons that were always with me...the yellow crabs that changed and went unnoticed...(I'm making stuff up ~ hehe) Now when I even look at yellow pickled radish I feel so glad...I "love" you all that much.

I was always thinking over the year when I was performing in Japan, "By any chance, did they forget about me? Are they cheating on me while I was gone...?" Hehe, perhaps the reason my fan club's balloon color is yellow is, for you to love me as a [sunflower] ^.^;

First album, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and then 5th Girls on Top. As my albums pile up, the love I feel from all of you only gets stronger. In return, I will always try to change and strive to be better. I practice enthusiastically, from now on, to be a better woman and not a girl. I will try and try again...

The hardest love in the world is a "one-sided love". Rather than that, let's all love each other~ Respecting, comforting, and thinking of each other...Like that unsparingly...We can do it!

Let's be people who are happy to be together, and encourage each other! I'm a little blunt, and I even hear "Oppa" from others, but on my own way, I'm pretty charming. ^.^ I'll show you a lot of that from now on...

To express in words ~ ah... Words are insufficient. I gotta ask King Sejong ㅡ.ㅡ; (**Translator's Note: King Sejong = Creator of Korean Language**) I'm confident that my mind is similar to yours, as yours are similar to mine. I will just finish up with 3 words...I think this is the best way...

~ I LOVE YOU ~ !

From now on, I will practice my handwriting a little bit more ~ and write a more readable love letter... (My arm hurts...and I'm sweating.. ㅡ,.ㅡWink Be healthy...and love only me ~ ^.^; In another 5 years, no 10 years...Let's always be together! I always wanted to say thank you... Thank you~

BoA's Debut 5th Anniversary "Chuka Chukachu" (from ID; Peace B.) Now Bye Bye~

credits : finklses forum