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Major Apple Announcement Sept. 5, 2007!

03 September 2007 - 07:05 PM

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Apple has sent out invitations to select members of the press for a special event which will take place at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco on September 5 at 10:00 am.m. PT, reports Macworld UK. "The invitation ... depicts a silhouetted figure holding an iPod against a backlit sky, reminiscent of Apple's recent iPod ads. Apple hasn't confirmed the subject of what it will discuss at the event, but current speculation favors the introduction of new iPod models -- and the invitation seems to bear this out. Apple UK is holding its own press event in tandem with this one.

It is rumored that Apple is due to drop a new Inventec Appliances manufactured, flash-based widescreen "iPod video" with touch-interface (widely rumored to carry the iPod Touch brand) sporting WiFi and an iPhone-like UI when it ships "at the end of this month or early October." Also in the cards is a Foxconn manufactured iPod nano with more storage and iPhone-like UI at the same prices as existing models and higher capacity iPod shuffles from Asustek.
via Engadget

Take the rumored part with a grain of salt of course...

I personally don't have an iPod, but when a friend let me play w/ his iPhone, I just loved how it worked. I almost bought an iPhone JUST for the iPhone/Wifi features w/o activating it on AT&T. But now, I can get a full fledged next-gen iPod!!!

I'm so excited and my 21st is at the beginning of October! :(

Lee Min Young - Lil' Jon's New Protege?

22 April 2007 - 06:41 AM

Ok, so I recently ran across this and actually haven't got a confirmation source besides what the youtube author has noted.

"Min is 15 years old and is currently in JYP, a Korean record label. JY decided to have Min debut in America first rather then Korea, and when he introduced her to Lil' Jon, he immediately decided to work with her and help her achieve success in the US.

She was mostly trained in Korea and has recently left to America to further her training; this video was filmed while she was training in Korea."

Well, I've seen her dance and vocal videos and...WOW I will support her ALL the way when she launches in America.

What do you guys think, more successful than Se7en? Will she debut in a couple of years ? :lol: And other information on her would be appreciated as well :ph34r:

Wonder Girls Rant

20 March 2007 - 03:28 PM

Ok, let me say that when I first heard of them, I had no interest whatsoever. But now I just cannot get their "Irony" song OUT of my head...

I first heard them mentioned at the end of Big Bang's MTV THE LIVE Performance, and I think at the end it said "Up Next Wonder Girls!" And I was totally turned off right off the bat for three reasons, and this kind of goes with another poster's topic of implicit artist bashing

1) "Wonder" Girls - I really dislike the word Wonder, I don't know why. They could of thought of a more phenomenal name, but I guess Wonder will work in the Korean arena. Now that I think about it, I can't really think of another adjective to replace Wonder that hits a sweet spot. "Marvelous Girls? Astounding Girls? Super Girls?" Yeah, I guess Wonder Girls makes sense now.
2) Another Cute Pop Girl Group - We all know what happens to those! S.E.S, FinKL., and Baby V.O.X. for example fell apart one way or another, though you can argue that the members of the group became more successful or somehow reformed (Baby V.O.X. ReV. and Hyolee Lee)
3) TSZX is my girl group!!!!! Jiyeon and Sunday! Sometimes Stephanie just cause she can drop it like it's hot :blink:

So, before I shut the door on them forever, I downloaded one of their debut performances. And like that, I was immediately drawn to So Hee and Sun Mi.
The song, on the other hand, I thought was mediocre and was easily forgettable the first time I heard it. Well, just yesterday on YouTube someone had uploaded their Irony Dance Steps in a video and I was hooked. I watched like 5 more performances of them after that, one w/o Hyun A (So Hee can rap yo!) and another with their mentor Seo Jin ??? or someone that was significantly older than them...

NEWays, comparing their debut performance with their performances now, they have really improved and it shows both with their stage presence and their vocals.

Well, to continue on my rant, I woke up this morning and took a shower singing the song in my head and attempted to do their steps, namely the chorus when they are waving their hands in a wave behind them. Yeah...I ended up being late for class, but It was alright since we had a survey for the first 15mins :rolleyes:
Now, next class was the most boring class lecture ever Mechanics of Materials gah... I kept dozing off, but guess what. Irony is STILL playing in my head. So now I'm thinking their song/performances have subliminal messages that enthrall you into listening to them!!!

No no, j/k! Needless to say, they've jumped on my list to listen to!

Hopefully I'll forget about it soon, it usually happens. Well, just wanted to know how they are doing in Korea and other people's opinion on them. Love em, Hate em, or So-So. Seems like they will become pretty popular.