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Another suicide

07 March 2009 - 07:44 AM

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Jang Ja Yeon suicided at home today at 7.34 pm her older sister called the policed. She hung herself. Her will and notes will be checked.
She is normally a bright girl and hence her entertainment company is also very shocked.
She played the role of Sunny in Boys over flowers.

KBS 2TV 월화미니시리즈 '꽃보다 남자'에 출연한 신예 장자연(27)이 7일 오후 경기도 분당 자택에서 자살했다.

분당 경찰서 관계자는 이날 "장자연씨가 자택에서 숨진 채 발견됐다. 오후 7시 34분께 친언니가 변사 신고를 해 경찰이 바로 출동했다"며 "자택에서 목을 매 자살했다. 유서 유무 등은 확인해 봐야한다"고 밝혔다.

소속사 관계자 역시 이같은 사실을 확인했다. 고인의 빈소는 서울 강남구 일원동 삼성서울병원에 마련될 예정이다.

장자연의 지인은 "평소 장자연은 연기에 대한 열의에 가득 차 있었다"며 "평소 밝은 성격인 터라 자살을 할 것이라고는 생각지도 못했다"고 충격을 감추지 않았다.

장자연의 갑작스런 자살소식에 '꽃보다 남자' 출연진 역시 공황상태다. 이민호, 구혜선, 김준 등은 소속사를 통해 자살 사실을 접하고 충격에 빠져 있다.

1982년생인 장자연은 '롯데제과' CF를 통해 데뷔했으며, 조선대학교 대학원을 휴학하고 연기 활동에 매진 중이었다.

데뷔는 늦었지만 현재 인기리에 방송중인 화제작 '꽃보다 남자'에서 악녀 3인방 중 하나인 써니 역을 맡아 인기몰이를 해왔다.

장자연은 서글서글한 눈매와 시원시원한 마스크, 168cm의 늘씬한 몸매로도 눈길을 모으며 주목받아왔다. 최근 열린 백상예술대상 시상식에서는 악녀 3인방 다른 출연자들과 함께 레드카펫을 밟으며 미니 화이트 드레스로 각선미를 과시하기도 했다.

장자연은 '꽃보다 남자' 외에 영화 '그들이 온다', '펜트하우스 코끼리'에도 출연하며 개봉을 앞두는 등 장래가 촉망됐으나 갑작스러운 죽음으로 더욱 주위를 안타깝게 하고 있다.

Youtube link from KBS entertainment weekly about her death

From allkpops

It was another setback and a major one for Boys Before Flowers as one of the actresses, Jang Ja Yun (27) who plays Sunny in the drama and makes life difficult for Jandi as part of the JinSunMi trio was found to have committed suicide in her Bundang home today.

According to local police who confirmed the suicide, " Jang Ja Yun was found to have committed suicide in her own home today. She was discovered at around 7.34pm by her sister who then called the police. We are now investigating the case and will give further updates like the reason, her will (if any), etc at a later time." The police also revealed that her approximate time of death was around 4.30pm and that she had hung herself.

Friends who knew Jang Ja Yun was shocked by her suicide and expressed, "She had a passion for acting and loved it very much. She was very much a extrovert and we never really expected that she would commit suicide." Her sudden suicide has plunged the entire Boys Before Flowers into shock with the main cast of Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun, etc unable to believe what they have heard after learning of the news from their respective companies.

Everyone involved with Boys Before Flowers will be paying their respects tomorrow morning at her wake after the morning session ends. According to someone at the filming site now, "We are still filming now (10pm, KST) and it was a big shock to receive this sad news suddenly. Why do all the bad things keep happening to Boys Before Flowers?"

Jang Ja Yun graduated from Chosun University and had made her debut through a Lotte Biscuit CF and was only starting out with her acting career. She still won a bit of popularity for her small role in Boys Before Flowers despite her late debut. But it's being reported that a dispute with her present management agency and a lack of time in Boys Before Flowers had left her feeling depressed and eventually causing her to choose the wrong path.

She only recently walked the red carpet at the recent 45th Baeksang Awards with the other 2 members of the JinSunMi trio, showing her excellent figure. She was also going to debut on the big screen with 2 upcoming movies and the future looked bright but her sudden suicide has left people feeling pity for her. What could possibly get worse from here on for Boys Before Flowers? Jang Ja Yun joins a lengthening list of Korean celebrities who have committed suicide in recent years. It's just a very sad situation overall.

The reason of her suicide

Police revealed after investigations that Jang Ja Yun had developed depression after losing her parents in a car accident 10 years ago. Jang Ja Yun was still in high school when that happened and although she got on well with life after inheriting her parent's fortune, she had already suffered a big blow mentally that could not be healed easily. Jang Ja Yun might have looked cheerful and bubbly on the outside normally, but she was horribly scared of being left alone deep inside her heart and highly afraid (phobia) about losing her friends.

According to the police, "Her (Jang Ja Yun) sister has expressed that she had depression all along and it had gotten even worst recently. She would often shut herself in her room when she doesn't have any schedules." Her sister also revealed that in order to forget the pain bought on by her parents death, Ja Yun had tried all sorts of ways including rearing pets but it was to no avail. Visits to the hospital had increased recently to treat herself for depression but no one thought that Jang Ja Yun would eventually choose to commit suicide.

Police received a 119 emergency call yesterday evening from Ja Yun's sister and rushed to the scene. But it was too late when they got there as Ja Yun had already passed away a few hours ago by hanging herself from a railing along her stairs. No will or anything was left behind by her. The last known phonecall that Ja Yun made was to her friend yesterday at 2.30pm which seemed to have foreshadowed of what was going to happen next as she said that she was very tired and wanted to die. Jang Ja Yun's body will be cremated on the 9th.

credits: cy news + ~S2~ @ soompi.com + allkpops

another suicide.. i really want to know the reason...
many ppl said that BOF is curse... accidents n now suicide...
She is really pretty.. i really like him in the drama

SNSD - Gee cover

12 February 2009 - 08:47 AM

She is good..
i love this version so much..
n her voice is really good...
just want to share with everyone here...

"Yepptic & Haptic Love" - Toucholic (Jang geun suk)

02 February 2009 - 09:27 AM

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YEPP has new CF and Jang Geun Suk is the new model....
Toucholic is the new song from samsung CF.. it is so addicting..
This guy really can pull of any style.

SBS music festival 2008

07 January 2009 - 08:24 AM

Here is the link:

Basically this video is about the order of the artists that performed for the finale.

Kbs Banned Seung Ri's Strong Baby

05 January 2009 - 09:37 AM

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KBS banned SeungRi from performing “Strong Baby” on their music show. They think the word “crack” use in his song was inappropriate, cause it was relevant to drugs, they suggest YG change the word or else SeungRi won’t be able to perform it on their shows (this includes Music Bank, Open concert, other programs on KBS).
credit: Vicky@big bang wordpress + ncly@soompi.com

link to the MV with eng subs:

seriously!! becos of the crack..??? not becos of the sexual content...

With regards to the decision to ban Seung Ri’s title song Strong Baby from being played on KBS, YG Entertainment has decided to act by modifying the questionable word in the song and have sent it for review again.

Strong Baby was the solo song that was included in Big Bang’s 2nd album Remember and is being used by Seung Ri for his solo activities now. Actually, the song was already deemed by KBS to be not suitable for broadcast in November of last year after it reviewed the album. According to them, the crack word in the song can be linked with the drug, cocaine. But it seems to be KBS only since MBC and SBS have passed the song without any problems.

A YG Entertainment representative expressed in a phone interview, “For Seung Ri’s solo activities, we have decided to change the questionable word. We have sent it for another review and have changed the word from crack to clap instead.” Seung Ri first performed the song at the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun, showing off a new strong sexy image, a contrast to his maknae image.

source: coolsmurf

now kbs win with the crack thing.....