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#2217734 11th Anni Project, Twitter, and loss

Posted by Carlo on 15 August 2011 - 10:21 AM

It's been a long time since I last posted here (very busy since I completed university and began working) and I'm really surprised about NikuZ death since he was a great promotor of BoA in Spanish speaking countries and I had the opportunity to collaborate with him in some projects. I hope the twitter campaign works and BoA gets to know about him.


#1572336 BoA's Blog translations index

Posted by Carlo on 03 July 2007 - 07:13 AM

Here's an index for BoA's Blog post translations:

June 2007
June 6th by xMAN1AC and Carlo [look ad the 1st and 3rd post]
June 7th by xiaoice
June 8th by xiaoice
June 10th by Carlo
June 12th by xiaoice
June 13th by Yukikaze
June 14th by xiaoice
June 20th by budonkadonk
June 21st version 1 by BKFan [look at 4th post] version 2 by BoAiloveYOU
June 22nd by Angel_Hikki
June 25th by BKFan
June 26th by kusmog
June 28th by kusmog
June 29th by pachiZa [look at the 5th post]

July 2007
July 2nd by Carlo
July 3rd by Carlo
July 5th by xiaoice
July 6th by Carlo
July 10th 1st post by xiaoice
July 10th 2nd post by moonstarox
July the 13th by moonstarox
July 17th by candice
July 19th by kusmog
July 20th by Carlo
July 23rd by Carlo
July 23rd second post by kusmog
July 26th by kusmog
July 30th by Carlo

August 2007
August 1st by kusmog
August 3rd by kusmog
August 6th by kusmog
August 7th by Carlo
August 10th by kawaii!!!
August 13th by kawaii!!! & kusmog
August 16th by kusmog
August 17th by Carlo
August 21st by kawaiichii
August 27th by Carlo
August 30th 1st post by moonstarox
August 30th 2nd post by dudely123 & Budonkadok
August 31st by Carlo

September 2007
September 4th by Carlo
September 7th by budonkadonk
September 13th by yunapolaris
September 17th by Carlo
September 20th by moonstarox&xai_yun87
September 26th by Carlo
September 29th 1st post by Carlo
September 29th 2nd post by Carlo
September 30th by Carlo

October 2007
October 4th by xiao_yun87
October 9th by Carlo
October 16th by Carlo
October 21st by casseopia00
October 27th by budonkadonk, by Carlo

November 2007
November 5th by Carlo
November 15th by xiao_yun87
November 26th by xiao_yun87
November 30th by xiao_yun87

December 2007
December 3rd [I think nobody translated this. Notify me if you find it please]
December 14th by itslikedat
December 19th by xia_yun87
December 31st by Carlo


January 2008
January 14th by Carlo
January 20th by Carlo

February 2008
February 5th by Carlo

NOTE; Unfortunately during last server crash the site lost some posts including 13 BoA's blog entries, so if you wold like to read those missing entries you can read them here.

#1571047 BoA's blog July 2nd

Posted by Carlo on 02 July 2007 - 07:12 AM

I'm really surprised that nobody has translated this nor somebody has requested it... I think that nobody requesting it is a good thing since it seems people learned that they don't have to do it...

I think it's strange but I couldn't find the translation in here so I'm posting it... in case I'm blind or stupid enough to miss them please forgive me and erase this.

I wanted to go driving… [02/07/07]

I thought that driving along the sea would be great so I introduced [九十九里], which was a recommendation from my staff members, into the NAVI and I ended up in this place!

Posted Image

……………………………………… I can’t believe itPosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

translation notes:
*九十九里 = kyuyukyu ri (99 ri) [ri is an old distance unit measure used in Japan]
*NAVI = Navigation System [many Japanese cars have this gps navigation system in which you introduce the name of the place where you want to go and it shows you how to get there.]
*BoA arrived to what seems to be a Bar instead of the beach. She wanted to go here

original post at BoA's blog

thanks sennheiserlover for pointing out my spelling mistake