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{TRANS} TVXQ - Fighting Spirit of the East

20 May 2006 - 06:27 PM

I'm pretty sure this hasn't been posted yet, but please let me know if it has. I felt bored and had some extra time on my hands, so I decided to translate it. And plus, I wanted to support TVXQ and our Korean team. <3

Composed & Written by Yoo Youngjin
Sung by TVXQ

I always believe in the strength that breathes inside you
Those images of endless passion made me open my eyes
It showed me that everything was conquerable

Long periods of time were waited until the day we became one
The national flag of Korea was engraved in fifty million hearts
I will be with you all, with loneliness forgotten

Show us the firing blaze of the east
The fighting spirit and eternal love that never rests
So that it will be fully spread in to the world

A truly beautiful dream was dreamt
With our love surrounding it all
Lift your hands and soothe the weakened hearts
Let it be with them, until the day of victory

Show us the firing blaze of the east
The fighting spirit and eternal love that never rests
Inside all the people's hearts

We were always able to know that only among the endless beads of sweat
And tears were we able to make it reality

With our hearts open wide and striving towards the best
Don't forget those efforts

I believe that our cries
Will create another miracle
To have the world in our arms once again
Show us the firing blaze of the east
The fighting spirit and eternal love that never rests
So that it will be fully spread in to the world

Korea's honourable warriors..

Towards victory, KOREA!

I would appreciate it if this wasn't taken out anywhere else without permission.

Translation Credits: [email protected]/tvfxqforever
Source: daum.net

Chun Sang Ji Hee

07 May 2006 - 03:01 PM

I was just curious to know what others thought of Chun Sang Ji Hee.
I, honestly, think they're very talented, but I think their talent is going to waste because nobody seems to notice and admire it.
Why do so many people hate them?
I can't say I'm a huge fan of them myself, but I saw that so many people really dislike them.
Is it just because they went off to a bad start?
I mean, with the whole female-version-of-TVXQ thing?
I just don't understand.

I really think SM has made a good decision of putting those four talented individuals into a group.
There aren't that many Korean female dance groups out there who are good at dancing and singing.
Not to mention their live skills which is great even while dancing.
Their songs aren't that bad either.
I thought their songs like Boomerang, The Club (although I really didn't like the featuring of Bi, since his voice did NOT go together with CSJH), and especially What U Want by Stephanie was very good.
I have to admit some members are a bit less likeable than others (like Dana and Sunday for me), but is that the only reason?
Maybe it was because Dana and Yun Ho from TVXQ used to work together?

Why are they so disliked?
Is it the influence of TVXQ?
Is it jealousy?
Are they talent-less?
Just a bad beginning?

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

{QUES} What songs have BoA written and composed?

01 April 2006 - 01:17 AM

I'm not exactly a new fan, but not the longest fan either.
I've liked BoA on and off since Atlantis Princess, but now I've decided to stick with her, because she's just perfect in every aspect.

But getting to the point..
Because of my on-and-off fandom of BoA, there are a lot of facts I don't know about her.
I've seen a few credits in BoA's name for lyrics and composing, and I wanted an official list of those songs.
Would anyone like to help out and contribute?
I would highly appreciate it.
Thank you.