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#2249713 BoA's New Digital Single

Posted by BoAFriend on 30 January 2013 - 06:30 PM

Dude I don't go on BoAjjang for a week or so and I come to THIS shocking surprise. Wow, the song is really nice and the MV is great, too. BoA's brother is really onto making good MV's for her.

#2199630 Official BoA Twitter Thread

Posted by BoAFriend on 13 March 2011 - 02:05 PM

Yeah, I was gonna honestly say all she's been doing in RT stuff, but then again, I think we have to remember that she's in the US right now, and RT awareness and prayers is all she can do. I'm sure if she were in Japan right now or at least in Korea, she'd have a better ability in directly helping. Also, BoA's supposedly really busy with preparation for the dance movie, so she doesn't have much free time.

No doubt she's been greatly affected by this incident because like someone said, Japan is her second home.

And I definitely agree that it'd be nice if this unfortunate tragedy could allow her to contribute even greater to her 10th anniversary. I think the fact she's been away from Japan for so long now, she's definitely going to return to the country with more to give...I hope.

#2187913 Old BoA vs New BoA

Posted by BoAFriend on 26 January 2011 - 11:21 PM

After it passed, I realized I really liked her around her "BEST & USA" and "BoA" album release (so after 2008). I think it was because two great things were happening at once (her US debut and her 2nd Japanese best album), not to mention I loved her look/image at the time. Also, "Eien" was a huge hit, not to mention perhaps the last Japanese hit she'd had in a while (the choreography and vocals were amazing as well). No doubt that period was one of the hardest times for her, jumping on plane after plane, flying back and forth between Los Angeles and Tokyo.

But to be honest, I find myself obsessing on a ton of her performances from the past. I'm just really stuck on the energetic choreography of old songs such as "Atlantis Princess", "Miracle", and "VALENTI". And I really miss her trademark long hair, split down the middle. I keep feeling like I'll never be able to see BoA go back to that again (hairstyle is of course possible, but I mean just that old energy from her older choreography). I feel now whenever I see the BoA from before 2008, that I'm seeing a completely different girl (and this is in no way a bad thing). Her image and aura is completely different now. I kinda wish I could just see the current BoA perform an older hit (no "NO.1" or "VALENTI", but I guess "Atlantis Princess" or "Miracle") in FULL ON choreography (with a headset mic), none of the toned down moves when she sings live.

I guess I prefer both - before AND after 2008. Either way, I'm happy that she's come so far and has been so successful.

And just to echo on what some other members have said, I also was never a big fan of the cutsey stuff ("Shine We Are!" is the only exception). More current material such as "I SEE ME" and "WOO WEEKEND!" never appealed to me. I loved the powerful, fierce stuff of hers. So..that's another plus to the post-2008 BoA - her material is a lot more mature (although I feel choreography isn't like her old stuff)