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Delightful Girl Chuun-Yang

10 March 2007 - 03:41 PM

I've been looking around this whole forums and i cant find any thread that relates to this korean drama show.. Im a huge fan of it and im interested to know what other people think about it as well.. Also, i've been searching for the soundtrack for this show and i cant seem to find it anywhere in Boajjang, let alone in the whole internet. I even tried searching the internet, but this show doesn't even appear to exist. I can't find it anywhere. Can someone help me to find the OST and soundtrack to this show? Thanks in advance...

Help with Spyware...

14 May 2006 - 06:44 AM

I need help with spyware.. I already tried googling the problem but that did me no good.. I know it's there but I don't know what to do.. Whenever I open up Internet Explorer there are massive popups.. there is also this icon on my task manager that says "virus alert!" but i know it's fake because I am positive i don't have any and when i clicked on the icon it sent me to this spyfalcon program (it said that it would help me) but that gave me even mroe spyware.. the icon on my task manager that says "virus alert! wont go away either..can someone help me....?