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Lena Park songs

23 June 2007 - 09:46 AM

Does somebody have this songs of lena park?

Sarang i Ul gga yo (will love come)
Like a lie
in dreams.
Thanks in advance

who are this singers?

27 May 2007 - 11:40 PM

my friend gave me once a cd with some korean music on it.
but here on my computer it can sometimes only read the singers name,
the song name or it shows stuff like &(%/&/├žI/.
So maybe people from boajjang can help me, it would be appreciated.
(and please dont tell me i could ask my friend. we have now a difficult time, i dont want to bother him with something "like that")
of course you can keep the songs after if you like them.^^
and thanks for bothering!

1. http://www.yousendit...C6A664971AD80E6

2. http://www.yousendit...E5DD41854DB480E

3. http://www.yousendit...B3AE23015ADA84A

4. http://www.yousendit...C155EFF55618E52

5. http://www.yousendit...894CFE8381FB1D9

6. http://www.yousendit...D20BD65411A15D1

7. http://www.yousendit...C179266388769ED

8. http://www.yousendit...B9E433661EF7219

9. http://www.yousendit...0E9B898448DFAEA

10. http://www.yousendit...73645A1776BB7D7

looking for a singers name

26 May 2007 - 07:13 AM

Well in the tv in korea i saw a mv i liked.
but i wasnt fast enough to write down the whole title. :)

first its
"ji eon" or so
and the ending was "d/ta r/leon. the eo was this letter: -
i dont know anything about korean i can only read it.
the mv was about a car accident.

thanks in advance and sorry for trouble.