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In Topic: Goong S ===> Success???

10 April 2007 - 07:20 PM

yeah... i agree with everyone above lol it was quite boring right from the beginning.
Not only that, but the storyline is like way too impossible.
How can a commoner guy beat a guy who has been training all his life to be the prince?? ^_^ lol

That gets explained through the drama. Goong S was essentially boycotted by those expecting a Goong 2. I think if you went into it with an open mind the it wasn't that bad. I saw the drama all the way through and actually enjoyed it. I prolly looked at it different though. I am not a Se7en fan and am not a fan of the original Goong. I was watching it at about the same time and just don't see what the big deal about it is.

As for Se7en's character being goofy or whatever. Kang Hoo had to be that way so that we can see the transition from goofy delivery boy to serious contender for the title of crown prince. For some reason people didn't seem to get that. My one complaint is that there was a little too much focus on the competition he had to go through to try to be crown prince. They should have focused more on the love square but you know thats not the actors fault. That sits on the shoulders of the PD. The last few eps I thought Se7ens acting was on point and the eps were really good but of course by then most viewers had given up.
Se7en has nothing to be ashamed of here. It was a credible performance for his first acting role.

Btw, its my understandng that though the show tanked in the ratings it was one of the shows most watched online at the website so its not that ppl weren't watching but that they weren't watching in a way that truly counts (for advertisers etc.)

In Topic: Current favorite upbeat & slow song

08 April 2007 - 12:40 PM

Slow - Angels Brought Me Here Guy Sebastian

Fast - Black Diamond, Payday T(Tasha)/Yoon Mi Rae

In the Stars - W-inds
Deepest Blue - Deepest Blue
M-Flo loves Crystal Kay Reeewind

In Topic: DBSK o.o

14 September 2006 - 04:13 AM

Yunho looks really good with this hair and you can't really see it here but Xiah's new style looks good too (he had it when he performed Timeless). I think if Changmin went a tad darker it would look better on him.

Micky... :thumbsup: As for JJ a little bright :D
I'm sure I'll get used to it though.

In Topic: Nice Hero/Jaejoong pictures

13 September 2006 - 07:24 PM

Actually found that is not the most recent around this is

Posted Image

if its the color I previously posted then I wouldn't mind but in this pic here he is way too blonde. Then again can't see his face. Maybe its not really him :sly:

In Topic: the best girl band in Korea

13 September 2006 - 06:13 PM

I always wondered who GavyNJ.... i can't to find anything on them and they were female SG wannabe before... If they are as good as seeya then they must be on this list lol.

I love GavyNJ's voices especially the lead and they harmonize really well IMHO
Some performances of theres:
Gavy NJ - perf on Music Core
Gavy NJ - Dream Lover

It just occurred to me I don't think anyone mentioned Isak n Jiyeon when mentioning groups that don't exist anymore. I thought they were both really good singers (Jiyeon is now lena in CSJH I believe). They were supposed to be like a female FTTS is my understanding.
Isak n Jiyeon performance - Tell Me Baby