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In Topic: Why do u like boa?

08 September 2006 - 02:02 PM

Yeah,sometimes is she really hard,working..but now...i guess,she only has this make-up like every star,etc. i see she now not that cute,like for example in the key heart mv...she's there like a old woman...i think,sry ^^' But i like her because of her great smile...Do u know,that when she was young,she don't want this kinda of music?She was like don't honest ..But now she love that kind of music...but got or my name are not like the real boa,that i know...well sorry..for this posts and for my bad english uu'

In Topic: Boa is the aisan britney?!

08 September 2006 - 01:57 PM

I think like you,too!
But err...it is hard for britney fans,u know?You have...britney is very good!But in the last years she's bader..than a lot of people...anyway i say only the kind of the music is the same,pop etc.
Soo...and boa isn't that cute,u say XD' I really hate boa sometimes,because..she isn't honest,this 'bad girl' isn't really that bad,so..

{sorry for my bad english }

In Topic: Is BoA* The Best Female Dance Artist U Ever Seen?

08 September 2006 - 01:28 PM

No,i don't think like you guys...She's really good i think,but everyone who can do for example sports good,can do this dance-moves well..because her dance-moves are very easy,but she's fast!Ok...some moves are very difficult...but she isn't the best!!No even not...err....think of the background-dancers of one of her performance..they can dance as good as boa,don't?Yeah she can sing to..but..often lip-sync...She isn't even the best in asia..some guys don't sing but dance better than her..and the american are very good,too!