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BoA vs. 2ne1

28 September 2010 - 03:05 AM

i'm not sure if i'm allowed to make such a discussion but i have to at least rant here. i've read comments on allkpop and youtube and i'm so demented and dejected over what i've read. let me clear some things first. i'm a fan of 2ne1. seriously. i love them. i'm not really a fond of girl-groups but i really think that 2ne1 is worth watching and liking. i love park bom the most and i really think that they are talented and i love the type of music that they brought into kpop. but now, i have problem with them. well, at least with obnoxious blackjacks (not all of them tho). they are so rude!!!

they keep on saying that BoA is old and overrated. her dance moves are lame and her songs sucks. they also said that BoA is worn out and look sick and i think they can just go to hell with their words!

this is what i have to say about 2ne1

2ne1 wears superload of makeup and everyone loves it but when BoA had dramatic eye makeup they said it's ugly. they said that dara looks 18 eventhough she's older than BoA and BoA looks like some 30 years old lady but you know what? dara looks 18 because she acts so immaturely unlike BoA who is very elegant and classy. if you said BoA looks older than her age what about minzy then??she looks way older and fat!and they think that BoA's live is so freaking autotuned and she depends too much on MR. hello!!!!!2ne1 consists of 4 members and still they need to use MR but BoA sang and danced everything all by herself!!!!park bom is my only fave in 2ne1 because she's so pretty and she can sing..even so, now, i've realized that she looks so fake and plastic but i adore her still...

those things that they said about BoA was build up over protectiveness against their idols. they should really first watched all videos of BoA's performance before they can say crap about the queen of kpop..these new kpop fans are just losers. they feel so insecure and scared that BoA wil make their fave idols unemployed so they started to say things like how overrated BoA is.

i saw some people tried to defend BoA but haters keep coming back and bash BoA even more. i dont know whay would they want to compare BoA with 2ne1 under BoA's topics. it doesnt make sense. they can just leave our girl alone if they dont like what they see or hear. what did BoA ever do to you people??geez..

the bj's stupidity makes me turn into a hater and all BoA's haters can go to hell!


04 January 2010 - 11:44 PM

im in dilemma...help me choose between these two..i need to take up a foreign language this semester but i cant make up my kind.should i learn japanese or language..i'll be learning either these for a year...which one is easier?i know hangul is easier to read and write..how bout the vocab?help me please..

Bring back BoA to Korea

22 November 2009 - 01:05 AM

bring the queen back!!

yes, BoA was and still is the queen of kpop but now she'd gone to elsewhere. we all know that korea entertainment industry is where she belongs. we want sm to bring BoA back and claim her title and shows everyone what queen of kpop really is.

she did so well with her sara, miracle, no.1, double, my name, and spark performances and the fans are eager to see more of her. even though she is still active in japan and in the usa, but it's a totally different game that she is playing compared when she's in the korea.

honestly, i am more excited with her korean album coming out rather than her japanese or english album. korean album seems to have different and creative concepts each time and the songs fit her perfectly. her japanese songs nowadays sound all similar to me and it does not emphasize her strength. but i like her "lose your mind" and "eien" performances now that's what BoA is all about.

it's been almost 5 years since "girls on top" and that was definitely alot of turning points in the industry now and we don't want our BoA to be left out. if BoA is going to make a comeback to korea now it will be a blast! she can have a mysterious and dark concept that will go along well with her queen of kpop title. its gonna be phenomenal. everyone will definitely root for her. i wanna see sexy and matured BoA like how she was during "my name" era. i wanna see her being all pretty and feminine. i don't like it when she wears all those baggy pants and clothes that does not compliment her petite figure at all.but that's not the point, the point is for BoA to have korean album real soon.

she has to make a comeback and it has to be now! she can ditched us for korea. come on sm!!BoA needs to make her comeback and struts her stuffs on kpop stages!

this is something that i've posted on my blog. (http://dontbesillygirl.blogspot.com/) i really miss her korean performances..i don't know why..i've been losing interest with BoA since "Girls on Top" but when i take a look back on her old performances i feel like this girl has so much to offer and if they didn't produce her korean album it will be such a waste. now it seems like there's a lot of new artists coming up but the performances are just so-so..what do you guys think??i just need to express what i feel..and i really think that BoA is happier when she's in korea. im imagining her to aww people with her awesome comeback..

[req] csjh lyrics

24 April 2006 - 07:26 PM

anyone have the lyrics for csjh the club kyrics in konglish??.n also sweet flower in romaji....i've look everywhere but couldn't find it..please n thank u!! :notworthy:

awards that BoA had won

23 January 2006 - 06:33 AM

i need to know important awards that BoA has won...like daesang award, mnet music award, mtv, in korea or in japan...whatever...i need to know the name of the award, the name of the event...n also the dates or at least the year... :notworthy:

thank u soooo much!!!!!

is this the rite place to post?? :)