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In Topic: Hacker Busted for Blackmailing Pop Stars

16 June 2007 - 04:34 PM

LMAO wonder how long he set infront of his pc trying to brutforce the database for cy and to get BoA's password and doing it at home/school (if he did). LOL you shell not hack big stuff or ppl at home where everyone can find your ass :P that so called hacker sucked not only for blackmailing BoA and hacking BoA's cy but for thinking his so damn good a hacker :angry: ...

hack the hackers! :rolleyes:

whats the normal jail time for hacking? in korea, 5-10 yrs? more or less?


In Topic: BoA's losing popularity in Japan, maybe because of this?

04 June 2007 - 08:20 AM

what ever happends I for ones will not stop listen to BoA, i like all her songs ^^
all artists have there downs and ups in popularity i think BoA will come back strong well thats my opinion

i wish BoA best of luck

she still is my No.1 4sure