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#2274509 Make Your Move (Cobu 3D) NEWS

Posted by Kudaranai on 29 April 2014 - 12:35 PM

She also doesn't participate on variety shows like idols do so most people don't really get to see her. If you're not following BoA closely, you're not really gonna make connections with her. Thus, their lack of interest in her equates to "she must be boring."


Honestly, there's nothing wrong with their opinions or being perceived as boring. BoA doesn't seen to be bothered by it. She does whatever she wants. Let's not forget all the positive feedback she received when she was a judge on K-Pop Star. The fact of the matter is that not everyone will like her and we don't need to be so bothered by it.

#2273993 Make Your Move (Cobu 3D) NEWS

Posted by Kudaranai on 20 March 2014 - 10:20 AM

Keep in mind that knetizens isn't like, one person. People will always have different opinions. Other knetizens (probably not the same ones that left those replies) have said that they enjoyed her acting in Hope for Dating. 


But in the end, 



#2256374 [Official Thead] Tail of Hope Promotions

Posted by Kudaranai on 30 June 2013 - 04:49 PM

I just had to.

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#2253906 BoA was working when she was sick or injured??

Posted by Kudaranai on 10 June 2013 - 06:05 AM

It's really frustrating how some fans put their favorite artists on a pedestal at times. I mean, why does SM has to be the reason for everything that goes wrong? There are occasions where BoA was injured but insisted on performing because she didn't want to disappoint her fans.

There are plenty of pressures on the artists to perform, not just from their company but from the fans themselves. They don't want to cause the company any losses if their appearances were to be canceled and neither want to disappoint the fans who wanted to be there to see them. Thus, they choose to go on despite not being in their best conditions. Sometimes things turn out well, sometimes not. Say they fainted, all blames are suddenly on the company for not letting them rest. Then the company decides to let their artists rest, the fans are complaining that they're not releasing anything new and had thrown their beloved artists in a dungeon somewhere never to be seen.

It all comes down to the fact that you really can't please everyone.

#2227577 Official COBU 3D Thread

Posted by Kudaranai on 07 January 2012 - 09:41 PM

It's 2012, can we not over-analyze BoA's vocals? It's the same crap but in different threads. Christ, I click the COBU thread to catch up on her movie stuff not whether what type of singer she is.

#2221965 BoA's new single: Milestone (On-Aired at J-wave Radio "PARADIS

Posted by Kudaranai on 09 November 2011 - 06:09 PM

But does anyone else see the problem in what Mashimaro-san said?

If I don't like a release I simply just criticize it, ignore it, move on to my other fandoms. Sorry if I ruin it for others, but if I don't like it, I'll say some nasty things. If I like it, then BoA's like a flawless goddess.

Why does one need to express their dislike about something, especially in a nasty way KNOWING that said comment will probably make some people upset? That's the part I don't get. I get the fact that there are people that don't like BoA. I get the fact that some might even leave bad comments or a "criticism" somewhere--be it on YouTube or a random blog. That's their prerogative, that's their right, that's their opinion and I get that. However, why bother coming to BoAjjang, a place where it is known that BoA fans gather and then say stuff just to get some members upset? It's not about whether you can or can't do it. It's about tact.

And instead of moving on or ignore it like Mashimaro-san said, why bother telling us that you don't like it and that it'll probably do horrible on the chart? What's the purpose? Letting people know that you hate it and that you think it'll flop? What does that achieve exactly?

Sure, someone can argue that if I don't like what they have to say, don't read it. But I visit BoAjjang to read and catch up on BoA stuff! The good parts, the parts that can make me smile. Do you really think people get the joy of reading terrible stuff about her? (Unless those people are anti's, and that's a whole different topic) I'm not saying that people can't dislike her stuff and everyone that visits this place need to be a delusional fan, but it helps to be thoughtful and considerate of others as well.

#2221757 BoA's new single: Milestone (On-Aired at J-wave Radio "PARADIS

Posted by Kudaranai on 05 November 2011 - 09:54 AM

A few years back, I brought up the topic of how BoAjjang was getting too negative and got slammed so hard. It was all "We're her fan, we can criticize" and it was like arguing with a wall. And all I wanted was to come here and not read about how people hate her work.

That dreaded feeling was the reason I stopped visiting for a while.

#2214460 Official COBU 3D Thread

Posted by Kudaranai on 19 June 2011 - 04:18 PM

Allkpop is like YouTube. Go there use their resources and services and don't bother reading the comments.

#2208277 BoA Kwon, a good dancer BUT not a good singer !!!

Posted by Kudaranai on 10 May 2011 - 03:51 PM

It's just a blog post, I wouldn't get upset over it. Anyone can start a blog and write entries about anything they want.

I did get a few chuckles reading it though. Stuff like "Okay, I'll just list her Korean debut album and call it a day! That's all about her bios, tada!" (You know, as if BoA didn't release 14 studio albums and sang HUNDREDS of songs) It's quite obvious that the blogger knows VERY little of BoA so I wouldn't take what s/he wrote to heart.

The fact that the blogger thinks BoA is mediocre says a lot, that s/he knows squat.

........that was I originally wrote.

But then I saw the blog. Like 90% of the entries are about Agnes Monica (which I have no idea who she is). So it seems like she's just being an Agnes die-heart fan trying to make her idol look better by making other successful and accomplished artists look bad. You know, like "BoA can't even be compared to Agnes Monica!", which I suspect was the entire point of that entry.

#2181676 Discussion: Article about Siwon and BoA "slave contracts"

Posted by Kudaranai on 30 December 2010 - 08:10 PM

They knew what they were signing up for but at the start they were nobody so they didn't care if they had sacrifice things. After all who didn't want to be a superstar?

But after they do become superstars they look back and they regret what they have sacrificed and they want to get those back, and then they realize oh gosh the contract is too long by the time I can regain those things I have given up I'll already be 30+ or something.

We all have regrets, even if we're not superstars. That's just a part of being human though. At least these artists are doing what they love and WANT to do. Do they wish that if they go back in time, they'd decline to join SME after knowing that they had to go through? Possibly, but I really do doubt it. Doing what they love but feel exhausted is a whole lot better than doing something you hate and you're physically and emotionally drained from it.

And I think a lot of these idols/artists feel like they're famous now, they shouldn't have to work as hard since they're already popular which is a terrible way of thinking. If anything, they have to work even harder to sustain their popularity. People like Siwon and BoA know this and for us to sit here and call them slaves, that they're don't know they're slaves, that they don't know even better is such an insult to them. They're grown adults and they do have to option of doing what JYJ did if they feel that they're in that position. But as if right now, they don't, so who are we as fans to judge, right?