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Selling some BoA CDs

10 September 2017 - 06:59 AM

Dear BoA fellows,

I'm selling some BoA CDs from my collection, cause I have them already.
See the pictures underneath. Most of them are first press and in new unopened condition.


Masayume Chasing CD+DVD A *First Press 12€ NEW
Masayume Chasing CD+DVD B *First Press 12€ NEW
Masayume Chasing CD Only *First Press 10€ NEW
Masayume Chasing CD Only Fairy Tail Version *First Press 10€ NEW


Who's Back CD+DVD *First Press 28€ NEW
Shout It Out CD+DVD A *First Press 12€ NEW
Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ CD+DVD 10€ NEW


Fly CD+DVD A *First Press 12€
Fly CD+DVD B *First Press 12€
Fly CD Only 6€ *no Obi included
Fly Limited Making 20€

If you are interested please PM me :) We can discuss about the price. Shipping price is not yet included. Im shipping from germany.

Kiss my Lips Icons

18 June 2015 - 12:30 PM

Hey guys,

I'm still jamming to「Kiss my Lips」So I thought I make some Icons from the PV. Feel free to use them. Wouldn't mind if you credit me :P If you have any requests PM me ;)

Looking for more Icons? Visit my page http://www.nihon-no-...grafik/avatare/


38 non animated

29 animated


kml_013373.jpg kml_021198.jpg kml_03328b.jpg kml_04065c.jpg kml_058a2c.jpg kml_06e03f.jpg kml_07acfa.jpg kml_0804fb.jpg kml_0948c4.jpg kml_109a5f.jpg kml_11d035.jpg kml_1279c6.jpg kml_13b123.jpg kml_14abfc.jpg kml_156cd9.jpg kml_167e8f.jpg kml_1782cf.jpg kml_18da45.jpg kml_19a35d.jpg kml_20bf47.jpg kml_21befb.jpg kml_22e24d.jpg kml_23a6f8.jpg kml_244355.jpg kml_25d852.jpg kml_26c3f7.jpg kml_277daa.jpg kml_281d86.jpg kml_2928e4.jpg kml_31bce8.jpg kml_320b1b.jpg kml_330504.jpg kml_34aafb.jpg kml_35fdea.jpg kml_36f634.jpg kml_37b770.jpg kml_389e49.jpg

kml_animat4f2e.gif kml_animatc2f0.gif kml_animat3b67.gif kml_animat1dca.gif kml_animat8984.gif kml_animat7359.gif kml_animatef2f.gif kml_animat4def.gif kml_animat908f.gif kml_animat0226.gif kml_animat8896.gif kml_animat453e.gif kml_animat5d93.gif kml_animatce04.gif kml_animat6e5c.gif kml_animat5bf9.gif kml_animat66de.gif kml_animatb27d.gif kml_animat57b3.gif kml_animate4c5.gif kml_animatc69d.gif kml_animat0cca.gif kml_animatf997.gif kml_animat5fe9.gif kml_animat4e1f.gif kml_animat4c03.gif kml_animat0056.gif

[Single] [05.11.2014] FLY

21 September 2014 - 01:05 AM

Here comes the new era ^^

BoA is going to release her Song FLY as a Single on the 3rd December



<4 Editions>

-CD+Photobook (First Press Limited Edition)


-CD+DVD (Original MV)

-CD+DVD (MV Other ver & Making)

+Limited Making DVD (if you are purchasing all the other editions)



01 FLY

02. to be determined
03 FLY (INS)
04 to be determined (INS)




SMTOWN Live 2014

15 August 2014 - 07:43 AM

Hey guys,

does anyone know the full setlist for BoA? I saw songtitles like my name, no1, girls on top and only one. Is that all?

here are a couple of videos (not mine)

I do love her outfits! <3

New Single "Shout It Out" 2014.02.26

08 December 2013 - 12:07 AM

2014.02.26(水) RELEASE
NEW SINGLE「Shout It Out」


品番:AVCK-79177/B 価格:1,575円(税込)

1.Shout It Out
2.close to me
3.Shout It Out(INST)
4.close to me(INST)

1.Shout It Out(Music Video‐オリジナルVer‐)

2形態連動特典“スペシャルDVD「Shout It Out~Limited Making ~」”応募ハガキ

品番:AVCK-79178/B 価格:1,575円(税込)

1.Shout It Out
2.close to me
3.Shout It Out(INST)
4.close to me(INST)

1.Shout It Out(Music Video‐Dance Ver.‐)
2.Shout It Out(Making)