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Tohoshinki - Stand By U

07 June 2009 - 06:26 AM

I wonder why this isn't up here yet. So, I'm posting it up here. Credit is as follow. ^^

Stand By U


JJ: Kimi ga sayonara wo tsugezuni dete itta ano hi kara
Kono machi no keshiki ya midori ga kawatta ki ga suru yo
YH: Kimi no subete ni narita kute kawashita yakusoku mo
Hatasarenai mama omoide ni kawatte shimau

CM: Hitori kiri de kimi ga naita ano toki
Sugu ni tonde ikeba ima mo mada kimi wa boku no yoko ni ite kureta
YC: Dekiru naraba mou ichido iitakatta daisuki tte
Kimi he no omoi wo afure dashita kotoba wa mou ima wa todokanai

JJ: Kimi wa doko ni ite? Dare to doko ni ite? Donna fuku o kite? Nani shite waratterun darou?
JS: Boku wa koko ni ite. Ima mo koko ni ite. Kimi to futari de mata aeru to shinjiteiru yo

YH: Kawarazu omotte iru yo
YC: Kimi dake omotte iru yo

YH: Musun da kami no ushirosugata ni kimi o kasanete furikaeru shira nu dareka ni nando mo kanchigai shita
CM: Chakushin ga atta kimi no namae kitai shitari
Kakkowarui mainichi bakari sugite iku yo

JJ: Wasurerarenai wa itsutte uso de hontou wa wasuretakunai dake tsuyoga riga bokura shisanaraba mouiranai
JS: Kimi ga inakya nani ni mo kanjinai shiawase tte
Dou ganbatte mite mo koboreochita namida wa sugu ni tomaranai

YC: Kimi wa doko ni ite? Dare to doko ni ite? Donna fuku wo kite? Nani shite waratterun darou?
JJ: Boku wa koko ni ite. Ima mo koko ni ite. Kimi to futari de mata aeru to shinjiteiru yo

YH: Dakara ima koushite boku wa mata hitori kimi no namae yon deru
CM: Kore ijou setsunasa wo dakishimete ikeru wake nado nai yo
Demo sore shika nai n dayo

JJ: Kimi ga iru dake de kagayaite mieta ano koro wa nido to modotte wa konai kedo
JS: Nani ga okotte mo nani wo ushinatte mo kimi wo aishita koto kesshite wasuretakunai

YC: Kimi ga doko ni ite, dare to doko ni ite, donna yume wo mite, nani shite waratteite mo
JJ: Zutto koko ni ite, ima mo koko ni ite, kimi to itsu no hi ni ka aeru to shinjiteiru yo

YH: Kawarazu omotteiru yo
YC: Kimi dake omotteiru yo
JS: Kawarazu omotteiru yo
JJ: Kimi dake omotteiru yo

Credits : linhkawaii @LJ+ tvxqfever.blogspot.com


君がさよならを告げずに 出て行ったあの日から
この街の景色や匂いが 変わった気がするよ
君のすべてになりたくて 交わした約束も
果たされないまま 思い出に変わってしまう

ひとりきりで君が泣いたあの時 すぐに飛んで行けば
今もまだ君は 僕の横にいてくれた?
できるならばもう一度言いたかった 大好きって
君への思いを溢れ出した言葉も 今は届かない

君はどこにいて 誰とどこにいて
どんな服を着て 何して笑ってるんだろう
僕はここにいて 今もここにいて


結んだ髪の後ろ姿に 君を重ねて
振り返る知らぬ誰かに 何度も勘違いした
着信があるたび 君の名前を期待したり

忘れないは言って嘘で 本当は忘れたくないだけ
強がりが僕らしさならば もういらない
君がいなきゃ 何にも感じない幸せって
どう頑張ってみても零れ落ちた涙は すぐに止まらない

君はどこにいて 誰とどこにいて
どんな服を着て 何して笑ってるんだろう
僕はここにいて 今もここにいて

だから今こうして 僕はまたひとり 君の名前呼んでる

君がいるだけで 輝いて見えた
あの頃は 二度と戻ってはこないけど
何が起こっても 何を失っても
君を愛したこと 決して忘れたくない

君がどこにいて 誰とどこにいて
どんな夢を見て 何して笑っていても
ずっとここにいて 今もここにいて
君といつの日か 逢えると信じているよ


Credits : linhkawaii @LJ+ tvxqfever.blogspot.com


Since the day you left without a word of goodbye
I feel that the scenery around me has changed.
The promise I made
that I would become your everything
and the incomplete memories
have also changed.

When you were crying by yourself back then,
if only had I run to you
you would still be by my side.
If I was given one more chance,
I would tell you once again
that I love you.
But the words that contain my overflowing feelings
cannot reach you anymore.

Where are you now?
Who are you being with?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
What are you doing and laughing at?
I am right here.
Even now, I am right here.
And I still believe that we will see each other again.
You're the only one I'm thinking of.

Just once more,
I want you to stand at my back with your tied hair
asking me "Guess who it is~~~"
and expecting me to say out your name.*
Just the two of us being silly like that day by day.

I can't forget you,
But the truth is, I don't want to forget you.
I can't feel even a bit of happiness
because you're not by my side.
No matter how hard I try,
I'll end up crying
and my tears just won't stop.

Where are you now?
Who are you being with?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
What are you doing and laughing at?
I am right here.
Even now, I am right here.
I still believe that we will see each other again.
You're the only one I'm thinking of.

Therefore, I am right here
singing the song by myself.
Even though I don't have any reason to embrace this pain anymore,
I can't help doing it.

Even if I know that the days
when you were by my side making my world shine
won't come back again,
and no matter what will happen,
no matter how far I'm lost,
I never ever want to forget that my heart has chosen to love you.

No matter where you are,
no matter who you are being with,
no matter what kind of dream you are dreaming of,
or what you are doing and laughing at,
I will be here forever.
Even now, I right am here,
believing in a day that we will meet again.

This feeling won't change,
and you are the only one I'm thinking of.
This feeling won't change,
and you are the only one I'm thinking of.

Credits : linhkawaii @LJ+ tvxqfever.blogspot.com


*Saw these all in JpopAsia...^^

J-Pop Anime Singing Competition

22 March 2009 - 03:56 AM

It's kinda late, but then, as usual, I decided to post this again. For those who don't know about this thing! ^^ You still have some time to join this competition.


Posted Image

The Embassy of Japan invites J-Pop and Anime fans to participate in the J-Pop Anime Singing Competition, in celebration of the 2009 Philippines-Japan Friendship Month.

The Singing Competition is open to all Filipino amateur singing groups composed of three to ten members. Application forms are available at the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) Library, Embassy of Japan , 2627 Roxas Boulevard , Pasay City or can be downloaded at www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp .

A duly accomplished application form along with a CD or cassette tape demo of the participant's rendition of two (2) Japanese songs can be hand-carried or mailed to the JICC Library. Registration starts on February 9, 2009 and ends on April 20, 2009 .

The ten (10) best groups who pass the screening process would be invited to perform in the J-Pop Anime Singing Competition Grand Final, scheduled to be held on July 25, 2009 at the Activity Center of Market! Market!. The competing groups will perform one (1) Japanese song popularized in anime or J-Pop. Embassy of Japan Certificates and Japanese Language Scholarships from the Nihongo Center Foundation await the top three winners.

The J-Pop and Anime Singing Competition is co-organized by the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation Manila in partnership with HERO TV, TOEI Philippines, Inc., Max FM103.5, Ayala Malls Market! Market! and Nihongo Center Foundation.

The J-Pop Anime Singing Competition aims to further promote appreciation of the Japanese language and culture among Filipinos and to strengthen the long-standing friendship between Japan and the Philippines .

For contest mechanics and further details, please visit www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp or email [email protected] or call 551-5710 local 2318.

credits: http://www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp


I would like to join this competition! But I don't have any companions to sing along me. So, I guess I'll just have to wait for another chance...XD

Err...mods, is this the right place for this thread? ^^ Please just move this if it's in the wrong section...

Charice aims for the Grammys

19 March 2009 - 02:41 AM

Read about this in the newspaper last Monday. I wasn't able to post it up that day because I couldn't use the internet---I'm studying for my finals! XD

Charice aims for the Grammys
By Bayani San Diego, Jr.
Philipine Daily Inquirer
March 16, 2009


Filipina singer Charice Pempengco doesn't claim to know the answer to that question.

"It's all up to God," she said.

But is she thinking of, maybe, going Hollywood?

After all, she sang not just in one, but two post-Oscar parties---in famed Beverly Hills resto Mr. Chow, and Oprah Winfrey's bash held at the Kodak Theater.

Does she see herself co-starring with "High School Musical" heartthrob Zac Efron?

"No, I'd rather be in an adventure comedy with Alvin and the Chipmunks," she equipped.

The pint-sized Charice, 16, who can imitate the singing styles of local divas like Jessa Zaragosa and Sarah Geronimo, can likewise mimic the voices of Alvin, Simon and Theodore from the animated music group Chipmunks.

But if there's anything at all that Charice wishes to achieve through music, it is to be included in the most prestigious industry event in America.

"What's on my mind is the Grammys," she said.

"She hopes to attend next year's Grammy Awards as a nominee---especially since her debut album, currently being recorded and produced by David Foster, is set for release this summer.

"That's my dream," she admitted. "That one of my songs would be nominated. That I would win as Best New Artist."

She sang her first single off that album, "Fingerprint," along with Beyonce Knowles' "Listen," in the two post-Oscar parties.

"I'm so thrilled because I saw a young girl on YouTube singing 'Fingerprint,'" Charice related. "To think I had just recorded it, but she has already memorized all the words!"

"Fingerprint" was written by Robbie Nevil, the same guy behind The Pussycat Dolls' "When I GroW Up" and Jordin Sparks' "One Step at a Time," as well as three songs on the "High School Musical" soundtrack. He also recorded the hit tune "C'est La Vie" in 1987.

"We hope to have at least 10 songs in the new album," Charice said. "We're looking for ballas, R&B and upbeat numbers. I want most of the tracks to be original, with maybe just two covers."

Having her own signature song is important to her: "So that when people watch my concerts, they would get to hear my own music, not jsut cover versions of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion hits."

She also feels strongly about including a Filipino song in her US debut.

She said she gets more nervous performing for fellow Filipinos in local shows compared to foreigners in gigs abroad.

Case in point: She confessed to having butterflies in her tummy prior to her latest free concert, a Women's celebration at the Shangri-La Plaza mall. "Filipinos ar very picky," she said. "If you impress them, they will show their appreciation. If not, they will also show it!"

But seeing their faces light up is enough to inspire Charice.

"With every performance, here or abroad, I aim to make Filipinos proud," she said.

So, it'll be BoA, Utada Hikaru, and Charice...
Let's add Se7en in the list...
They're the asians up in America this year...

As a Filipino, of course, who wouldn't like her to be recognized internationally?
Winning the Grammys will be awesome, too! ^^

Anyway, for those who would like to hear how Sarah Geronimo sounds like, here's a link...^^
I Want To Know What Love Is

Super Junior - Marry U (Japanese Version)

25 February 2009 - 03:25 AM

The japanese version is also good...but I do prefer the original one...because I feel the song better in Korean...though I can understand japanese better than korean...XD

Here's the YT link...for those who haven't listened to it...^^

Super Junior - Marry U (Japanese Version)

So, what do you think of this version?
I know there's a chinese version of this...
But it was done by SJ-M...
I want all of them to sing it in any versions...^^

If you want to grab the song, you may take it in this thread...

Kumi Koda goes "faraway" for "Subaru"

27 January 2009 - 05:46 PM

LOL...another late news here...but I decided to post it up here...^^

Kumi Koda goes "faraway" for "Subaru"

Kumi Koda has been chosen to sing the theme song of Chi-Ngai Lee's upcoming manga-to-film adaptation "Subaru." The song, titled "faraway," is a slow ballad with lyrics written by Koda herself.

Based on Masahito Soda's manga of the same name, the movie revolves around a young woman training to become a ballerina, played by lead actress Meisa Kuroki. With director Lee and producer Bill Kong hailing from Hong Kong, the film has developed into an international affair. Besides "faraway," the soundtrack features music from a few Korean artists: "Bolero" by TVXQ (who also have a cameo appearance), "Eat You Up" by BoA, and "Sukoshi de Ii Kara" by girl group Tenjo Chiki.

"Subaru" is scheduled to open on March 20 in Japan and other Asian countries. Koda's song will be released as a single on March 4.

credits: tokyograph.com
I posted up here before that Tohoshinki's "Bolero" will be used for the movie.
I find this interesting this time because of the line-up of the songs...
It also includes songs of BoA and Tenjochiki! ^^
I love all the three songs that will be used...
But I wonder when will they insert EYU...since it's about ballet...XD
Looking forward for the movie!

LOL...I saw the trailer in the official homepage...
Here's the link to the vid uploaded in YT