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NBA Playoffs/Finals

06 May 2007 - 03:51 PM

Just wondering if there're any basketball fans here at BJJ. :D So yeah, I also posted this on my xanga:

Since I can't really talk to anyone about this, I'm just gonna post some of my thoughts about the NBA playoffs/finals for this year. People are probably gonna disagree with my predictions, but that's only because they suck. lol!

Playoffs Round 1

1. Dallas Mavericks vs. G.S. Warriors
Winner: Warriors! Wooow! I can't believe that Mavericks got eliminated on the 1st round! What an upset! That's just lame!

2. Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls
Winner: Bulls! I thought that this was great! I never was a fan of the Heats! Hooray for Chicago!

Playoffs Round 2

1. Detroit Pistons vs. Chicago Bulls
I know I'm supposed to be rooting for the Bulls, but I've been a fan of the Pistons for a while now. They're a great team! So I think they're gonna make it all the way to become the Eastern Conference champs! .... Oh yeah, the Bulls got killed on game 1!

2. New Jersey Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
I'm not a fan of both teams, but I was rooting for the Nets. Jason Kidd sucked! Why!?!? LeBron James was.... well, he was LeBron James! X-/ Cavaliers lead 1-0.

3. San Antonio Spurs vs. Pheonix Suns
GOOD GOD! Game 1 was so intense!!! Killah point guards! Steve Nash and Tony Parker were simply amazing, and Tim Duncan was a monster! Spurs lead 1-0! I'm thinking that the Suns are gonna win the series, but I'm actually hoping that the Spurs will advance to the next round. Kinda cheating, huh? That's cos I like both teams. They should be the final two! =.= So whoever's gonna win this series would probably grab the Western Conference title and face the Pistons for the finals!

Arrrrgh!!!! I WANT TO PLAY BASKETBALL!!!! Two more (school) weeks till summer!!! Huzzah! :thumbsup:

NBC: Heroes

02 May 2007 - 07:51 PM

Does anyone else follow this series? Peter Petrelli's just getting more kickass every episode, and I'm getting more annoyed by Sylar by the minute! I'm just loving this show! 3 more episodes left!!!! >_<

American Idol - FINALLY!!!!

18 April 2007 - 06:03 PM

Sanjaya just got voted off!!!! FINALLY!!!! Wow, I can't believe he even got to top 7!!!! Ughhhhh! Well, at least he's finally gone! *phew!* I almost lost hope there.... >_> I've been rooting for Blake/Jordan for a while now so GO Blake and Jordan!!!!!

What's your favorite class?

16 April 2007 - 07:51 PM

What's your favorite class and/or your hatest class in school, and why?

My hatest - Pathophysiology. This actually inspired me to make this thread. I just got a 69% on an exam, which is my all-time low. Ever!!! %!@i8ig!!!^%$!!! :angry:
My favorite - English!!! Because I just love writing essays! =/