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15 November 2007 - 02:59 PM

Today at school, we had a blackout. It was right after Lunch period and the lights just suddenly went off. I couldn't see anything in my locker even with the emergency lights. Everyone started running around and screaming their heads! (my poor ears) I had a couple of guy friends who were in the bathroom at the time. There were no emergency lights in there and it was pitch black. Everyone had to feel their way out and they said it was very.....awkward because sometimes they touched another guy.

I almost got knocked down. My next class was in our basement so when I went down it was very quiet. But you could hear pounding and screaming from upstairs. A student teacher went out and found out that the whole neighborhood had a blackout. It was pretty scary because it took a little while to get the emergency lights on so it was completely dark because there were no windows in the hall way. It took a whole 15 minutes to get everybody to calm down. The principal was going ballistic because everyone was going crazy.

Ugh, my head hurts so much right now. I almost cried because I lived in the same neighborhood and I have 2 fishys that are very dear to me. The filter would have been off if there was no power. So I was afraid they would die. But when I managed to get home they were still alive and the power had comeback on.

There was another time when we had a blackout for 3 days....

So, how do you feel about blackouts? Share your experiences.


10 November 2007 - 01:01 PM

Anyone here who knows crunchyroll.com? Its a great place to watch videos. Just wondering if anyone else has an account there too. I know shicalvet has one.