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#2273818 Singer/actress Charice attempted suicide

Posted by Daisy the Sorceress on 11 March 2014 - 02:28 AM

I heard about this and I don't know why she lets those aholes get the best of her. She looks just fine. Most importantly, she sings beautifully. I hope that she'll come back stronger. People need to learn that suicide isn't the best option for anything.


It's.....not that easy. I'm not saying that suicide was a good thing to do but the mind can be one's worst enemy sometimes, especially if you are depressed. The stress and the bullying probably made her think that she was a worthless human being and that the world would be better off without her. Was she right? Of course not. Her life is valuable, just like everyone else's. In a depressed state, it's quite easy to think, "Killing myself is the best option" even though it's not a good option at all, because that thought can cloud all helpful thoughts if you're depressed. It's far more complicated than simply learning that suicide isn't the best option. 


That said, I am really sorry that this happened. I'm sure that Charice is a wonderful person who should not be ashamed of her sexuality and should be allowed to wear whatever she wants. I hope that love from her family, friends and fans can help her realise that.