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We - English lyrics

24 June 2007 - 02:47 PM

Is there an English translation to BoA's song '"We' (off her 'My Name' album)? I found a live performance of the song subbed, but unfortunately, it wasn't the entire song. Does anybody know the English translation of the lyrics, please? Thank you very much.

Edit: I forgot to put 'Request' on the title, but for some reason, I can't delete this post or edit the topic title. My apologies to everyone. Is there any way to edit the topic title?

If BoA was to tour in your country..

26 May 2007 - 08:24 AM

Got this idea from U-O.net. I'd just want to know if BoA performed a tour or live performance in your country, what would you want the songs to be and how would you like it arranged?

So, in the unlikely event that she were to tour/have a performance in the UK, here's my list.


1. Outgrow
2. Kiseki
3. No 1
4. Midnight Parade
5. Bad Drive

Costume change

6. Every Heart
7. Atlantis Princess
8. Winter Love
9. Sara

Introduction to band/costume change

10. Lady Galaxy
11. Spark
12. My Name

Costume Change

13. Love and Honesty
14. Moon and Sunrise
15. Shine We Are

Costume Change

16. Milky Way
17. Double

Introduction to Dancers

18. Girls on Top
19. Quincy


20. Valenti

And I wouldn't really mind what language songs such as Every Heart, Valenti and Milky Way would be in.

(request) BoA lyrics translation

12 April 2007 - 10:54 AM

I'm trying create a video tribute to Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. I was thinking of doing 'Flower' or 'Kiseki' or something like that. However, I only have the Japanese versions of the songs and I don't know if they are fitting for her, since my knowledge of Japanese is very limited (although 'Flower' reminded me of Kairi, for some reason). Is it possible for somebody to provide a translation for them?