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In Topic: Why did BoA drop her U.S. tour so quickly? Is she coming back?

23 July 2011 - 08:53 AM

If it's so hard for Asians to make it here, Charice wouldn't have had a Top Ten album in the USA, and a Top Five album in Canada. If anything, she did worse in Asia, her album only reaching #25 in South Korea.

It has nothing to do with race, but talent and promotion. Asians who tried to make it here have invariably screwed up big-time. Rain's dealings with American promoters were a white-hot mess, Utada's album and lyrics just plain sucked, BoA's promotion was nonexistent outside the Asian-American community. Artists of ALL races fail miserably here, because of circumstances like this. It's just that you don't hear about them, because you don't follow their (failed) careers.

Look at BoA in Japan...it's not about race, it's about lousy promotion and lackluster music, period. :(


Charice had the help of Oprah and David Foster. When Oprah is the one advising your career, there's a lot of connections. Also Charice has an incredible voice, but she still isn't as popular because she looks "ugly" (ugh the nerve of some people). The USA still has many racist folks. You have no idea the times I've read "wonky eyed Asian chicks in USA" or "Beyoncé/Britney Spears Asians, I can't stand them" comments.

Also it helps Charice is a Filipino, since Filipinos are the 2nd largest Asian minorities in the USA. Every public appearances Charice has in the states, whether it be a radio concert, mall tour, etc. about 70% - 80% of the crowds are Filipino. This is one of the issues Charice fans actually have right now, to actually attract the American audience, not the Filipino-American audience.

Um...this was Charice's first shot at America, and she did very good. It takes most new singers years to even make a dent in the American industry. She had all of those connections and she succeeded, so what are you complaining about?

USA is an immigrant country, so you are bound to get people from different cultures clashing since it's so diverse. USA is not even half as judgemental as other countries...especially those in Eastern Asia. I don't see any non-Asians debuting and getting anywhere in Korea...can you explain why that is? In America, you get chances that aren't based on your race, whereas in Asia, if you aren't Asian then your chances are closer to 0%. They look down upon Blacks in society, and yet when they want to debut in the states, they look for help from producers who, most of the time, are Black. I'm sure they have a lot of bad things to say about people who don't have white skin too.

If people aren't succeeding in what they do, blame it on the companies for not putting in the money to promote them. Blame the artists for not being able to understand the culture of that country, and having poor English skills to the point where they can't converse with potential fans. But don't be ignorant and blame it on their race.

It is tougher for Asians. There hasn't been a #1 Asian artist in North America since ever. Asians are the only race that has not produced a global, world, recognized everywhere, artist.

Tougher for Asians? I don't see any internationally famous full-blooded Native American singers, and their race is originally from America. Can you tell me why that is? What about full-blooded Brown people? Any famous singers in the states that are popular worldwide?

I will support whatever Asian acts who try in North America, but right now there seems to be double standards when it comes to Asians.

..Do you even like music at all? You're going to support someone just because they're Asian, and disregard the fact that they might not even sing good?

In Topic: BoA not listed in Best MR Singers . . . why?

19 May 2011 - 11:42 AM

If the wave/shake in her voice is supposed to be her vibrato then she is low control of that thing. A vibrato should sound natural, however her's always seems forced. I am not saying I am an expert, however I do know a bit about singing.

I am not trying to argue, I am simply trying to justify my original statement. I am not playing favorites, because I support 2NE1 as well. They're actually my favorite BAND out of boys and girls.

Park Bom has one of the weirdest vibratto's I've ever heard. What makes hers unpleasant is that it goes extremely off-tune. I thought she was doing it on purpose, but that's just how it is for her I guess. She can sing well enough though, and the thing that people like about her voice is that it's unique. It's easily recognized.
I would listen to this instead of that MR;

You can hear her odd vibratto better :x
Music remover programs aren't reliable at all. All they do is remove the side channels, but leave everything else in the middle. In Kpop lives, that means leaving the filler voice, which makes it hard to tell from the live singing. Most fans don't realize that they're judging a singer based on much of their filler vocals, which obviously makes them sound better for the most part. If they go horribly off-tune, you can definitely tell :P Unless you have an acoustic version that has no effects though, you can't be sure of whats live and what isn't.

BoA's not in there cause she's not active enough in Korea. She doesn't need that to prove how well she sings live anyway since she's been around for many years. Just watch her Japanese lives lol.

In Topic: Could I be the first!!

12 May 2011 - 09:27 AM

A little correction here, CKay is half African-American and Japanese, not Korean ^_^.

Ckay's mom is Korean, but she was born in Japan, which would make her a Japanese citizen. She's still half Korean by blood.

You should post your singing to get better feedback. Or...maybe you're just cute enough to get into the Korean industry, which would mean you don't really need to sing that good :P

Honestly, I'd shoot for the Japanese music industry since it's more open to foreigners, and they don't really care how you look. It's also the second largest music industry, and artists seem to have more freedom there. Korean mainstream relies heavily on looks, moreso than talent. A lot of the contracts include getting plastic surgery...if needed (lol?)

Or..just try and create a fanbase in your country and start from there. Youtube is a good way to get noticed, though nowadays it seems like you have to do something stupid or sing awful to get attention :huh:

In Topic: Are girl groups buying back their albums?

29 April 2011 - 12:59 PM

The Kpop industry seems really desperate for attention. Trying to debut groups in the states, recruiting trainees from the US and Canada for their fluency in English, putting plastic surgery in contracts to ensure that their idols are beautiful, exaggerating successes in articles, and of course coming out with a bunch of groups every month, and now this...when will it stop? :/

I think the only new group that is decent is Rania. That one chick can actually sing pretty good, but there's too many in that group.

In Topic: The Royal Wedding

29 April 2011 - 12:44 PM

I wasn't interested enough to watch it, but I think the groom's suit is nice. Congrats to them. If there's official pictures posted somewhere, I'd look at them, but I tend to find formal weddings boring :ph34r: