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Ya ya Ya, Hammie! Come back soon because I'm missing you tons!
Dec 10 2007 08:54 AM


Mrs. Shim! *cough-cough* Please give me the chance to make you happy since all this time you have been making me so happy! It was an exhaustive experience to prepare it! Don't send the gift back to me otherwise I'll get angry nia!
Jun 01 2007 01:20 AM


It's in this forum that we've met and I really cherish the friendship that we have developed ever since last July 06! You are a very thoughful and understanding person. Thank you so much in sending me a bunch of DBSK CDs that I've never had before in my life as they're the first in my collection. Boy! You light up so much of my life. Hint hint! B ready ^^
May 17 2007 09:07 PM