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In Topic: Make Your Move (Cobu 3D) NEWS

28 January 2014 - 02:54 PM

Dang Shannon Labrie? I actually have one of her song on my iTunes.

Wouldn't mind catching this movie once it hits stateside ... on a Tuesday.

In Topic: New Single "Shout It Out" 2014.02.26

28 January 2014 - 02:48 PM

YouTube is irrelevant in Japan. In Japan its all about Chaku-Uta & Recochoku. Those views are probably from Korea or overseas, not Japan. Usually the best way to promote is commercial or dramas, magazines and tv guesting.


Japan music sales is around 80% physical copies (CD), digital sales only make up around 20%. Its a very different market which is why overseas foreigners have a hard time following J-pop. Unlike the rest of the world, Japanese people still buy CD's. Y'all should read this: Billboard - Why Japan's Music Industry Is Booming... For Now

As someone who used to import like crazy from Japan, I couldn't agree more with that billboard article. They hit every point right on.

This is exactly one of the many reasons I lost interest in the Asian music industry, especially Japan's. Just by being away from it, it saved me a lot of money from having to import it. Of course, there's the will power to just stay away from it, which naturally kicked in because I lost interest at the same time. I even have Japanese friends who complain about how expensive their music is, or how insanely materialistic their culture is. Thank God I wasn't too far into it. I only went for CD+DVD's with music videos, but NEVER buying the same album just because of that one extra track or different cover. I do regret buying singles though.

Worse comes to worse, they release singles first then albums with collected singles (and if we're lucky, with the B-sides we actually like). It's a killer wait for me. But since then, I'd revisit the scene every January starting last year. It's a good way to catch up 'cause by then, there's a BEST OF album since the industry there releases one after every three or so albums. And that's another thing: The Japan music industry, especially for the mainstream artists, moves way too fast.

Other than that, I'm very surprised Sony Music Japan finally decided to offer their music via Apple's iTunes there. It explains why I was able to find Yuna Ito on iTunes finally. If anything, hopefully they'll upload full music videos one day.


I actually love Shout it Out. It's nothing compared to what she's done in her golden days though. The vibrant edgy music video definitely makes up for the song. BoA always preferred doing a blend of urban dance pop numbers. 

In Topic: Youtube avex trax strict copyright policy

19 March 2013 - 01:35 PM

O Japan and it's mono culture society. Even I know a few Japanese people that are upset at the sudden turn of strict piracy rules. And that's coming from friends who purchased from iTunes / physical CDs.

There's already a personal reason as to why I'm no longer interested in J-pop / K-pop anymore but this just builds up the dust. I don't feel as inclined to return to it if they're not willing to share their music, even with singles alone.


19 March 2013 - 01:29 PM

I thought it was only the DVD that was a part of the 400 limited?

What I'd do to own those songs loss less quality ... but yeah, the price tag scares me away. I've already purchased hard-to-find albums such as Balto or the Cats Don't Dance soundtrack, which I payed $60 alone including shipping.

EDit: fail it was already sold when I posted this lol

In Topic: Selling my BoA collection?

09 August 2012 - 02:51 PM

Not to sound irrelevant or a tattle-tell but I thought selling goods was against the rules here in boajjang? Reason I ask is because I have some things I want to sell as well but before I did, searched the forum to make sure it was ok.

Anyone want to clarify me on that?