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Girls' Generation "The Boys" single cracked top 200 on US

18 October 2011 - 03:16 PM

I'm personally having a hard time digesting the fact this poorly written/translated/adapted lyrics cracked the overall top 200, currently sitting at no.81 (or more by now). And to think Ted Riley was behind the production of the song let alone God knows who wrote the english lyrics ...

Jade and Brian Joo duet "Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong" th

09 November 2010 - 02:17 PM

Jade Valerie & Brian Joo - Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong song preview @ jade valerie's Official myspace (CLICK)

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Buy at Soribada
Instructions to buy from Soribada (ignore Super Junior stuff)

Credits: [email protected] , [email protected]

NEW NEWWWWSSS - I'm not a allkpop follower but this, THIS!!

Man I mean like who knew, WHO KNEW. A duet between a ex-member due FlytotheSky with ex-sweetbox Jade Valerie (also currently Saint Vox and Eternity) - never knew this would happen!

Brian Joo teams up with Jade Valerie for a duet, plans to head overseas
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According to Jellyfish Entertainment, Brian Joo is planning to step into the overseas music market through the release of a duet track with Europop vocalist, Jade Valerie (of Sweetbox fame). The duet track is entitled, “Don’t tell me I’m wrong.”

Jellyfish Entertainment revealed, “While Jade and her producer GEO were creating songs for her comeback next year, they heard Brian’s tracks and asked for his participation in a duet.”

Brian and Jade’s duet track “Don’t tell me I’m wrong” will release in Korea on November 11th. It will be listed as one of the tracks under Jade’s upcoming album, which will be available for purchase internationally.

Meanwhile, Brian plans to release his new album during the middle of January, so stay tuned to allkpop for further details!

Source + photo: Nate

Source - allkpop (link)

And she tried to hook him up since her Addicted to Japan Tour in '06

Brian Joo and Jade Valerie to sing duet
Brian Joo and Sweetbox member Jade Valerie will be releasing a duet on November 11th titled "Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong". It will also be released in Japan and other Asian countries early next year. Valerie's next album will also contain this new track.

While Jade Valerie was on her Japanese tour, Addicted to Japan/Addicted Tour, she listened to Brian's songs and liked the style of music. She requested to do a duet with him and after the recording of the song was finished, it went sent to Valerie and her producer, Geo. Her producer complimented on Brian's singing skills and that it was a great pleasure working with him.

Sweetbox gained popularity through their songs, "Life is So Cool", "Cinderella", and other songs. They are extremely popular in Europe. Meanwhile, Brian is scheduled to release his new album in mid-January and has been busy practicing and recording.

Source - koreaboo.com

I was gonna post this some other time ago but this makes the timing all the more perfect:

For those interested in Jade Valerie's past solo albums, Avex Taiwan recently released a double-in-1 album release of Jade Valerie's solo work, both now out-of-print. Out of box (2007 - the original Japan release) + Bittersweet Symphony (2008) is coming as one release in a 2-disc album. This was how the albums were originally released in their original tracklisting order and exclusive Japan tracks are now available internationally. This also makes it the perfect catch-up release before her come back album arrives in 2011!

Posted Image
Album: Out of the box + Bittersweet Symphony
Release date: 2010.09.25
Label: avex taiwan
Singles/promo tracks: Unbreakable, Razorman / Just Another Day, You Don't Know Me
[email protected]:
YesAsia (US/Canada/Mexico or Global)

Selected tracks available for listening
CD1 - (Bittersweet Symphony)
01. Unbreakable (based on Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven)* |Music Video (link) / Mandarin subbed version
02. Like a Bird
03. Out in the Sea*
04. Razorman
05. Living By Numbers*
06. The Last
07. We Can Run (written by Villalon/Rosan/Hase)
08. Stuck With You
09. Lucky Lady
10. Piece of Love*
11. Always Mine*
12. Undone
13. No, You Don't*
14. Empty Pages

CD2 - (Out Of The Box)
01. Tuned Up
02. Just Another Day | Music Video (Link) / Mandarin subbed version
03. Show Me
04. Uh Lala
05. Crush
06. Mr. Pay Me
07. You Don't Know Me
08.Goodbye *
* Tracks that were only for Japan / Unbreakable, the lead single for Bittersweet Symphony

Source - Official avex taiwan eternity site (1/2 page down)


If you guys ask me, this is a real $aver. I bought the original albums at their original Japanese price tags. Out of the box $24.99USD and Bittersweet Symphony for $25.99. That's if you're interested anyway.
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Saint Vox BoAjjang thread
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"Success of sweetbox" - mini-documentary of Jade's sweetbox days from Classified - Adagio era

Emiri Miyamoto's official site ( Emirimiyamoto.com )

The Face English translation lyrics

20 April 2010 - 10:08 PM

It's bout time I understand this album all the way.

I only need Girl in the mirror, Happy Birthday, Diamond Heart, Brave, GYAPPU ni Yarareta!, Smile Again, Beautiful Flowers. I guess My Way your way too. The one I got is messed up.

Anyone who got these please put them up. I'd be highly appreciated.

"Remastered" some of Smtown covers

08 April 2010 - 08:10 PM

To date, I've looked hard and hard for high quality Smtown album covers, aiming for the least of 600x600 pixels but no luck. And they look crummy on my iTunes with the lo-res I found. Now that I have a scanner, I took advantage of it and scanned some of the Smtown covers 'cause I'm honestly a bit too lazy to do them all.

The ones I really wanted to scan was Summer Vacation 2002, 2003 'long with 2002 Winter Vacation - all the old ones. Very hard to find high-res album covers of these. With a little color editing and clean up done to make them look as digitial-to-digital as possible.

So here you have it. They're not the best thing in the world but they're high-res at my poor best. Each of them here are available in iTunes ready res and High-res. Just gotta click on whichever thumbnail and thru another page to see the actual res of the pics and grab and go from there.

Smtown Summer Vacation 2002 - and this is probably the only highly highly recommended summer Smtown album I recommend while 2006 comes 2nd to this. Especially if you're a BoA fan. My Boy is a great track but the rest you gotta listen too 'cause we got the SM oldies with great tracks too (Shinhwa - HERO, FlytotheSky - Forever, both have music videos too). And of course, the main title track with its music video Summer Vacation - worth checking out. BoA looks very different here too lol - didn't notice it was her the first time.
Posted ImagePosted Image

Smtown Summer Vacation 2003 - again, highly recommended Winter smtown album while 2003 comes 2nd and third with 2007. My Angel My Light and Dear Family - must-listens and must-watch.
Posted ImagePosted Image

Smtown Summer Vacation 2003
Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Smtown Summer Vacation 2006 - This scan I'm not so proud of it but here it is anyway
Posted ImagePosted Image

Might do 2003 Winter Vacation. MIGHT though I doubt anytime soon. We'll see.

Saint Vox

11 October 2009 - 12:10 PM

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Jade and Geo said they were going to be releasing 2 new albumS this year. We saw one with their self-titled Eternity∞ already. And now, it's a collaboration with Jade herself and Japan's violinist Miyamoto Emiri.

Vocalist: Jade Valerie Villalon
Violinist: Emiri Miyamoto
Producer: Roberto "Geo" Rosan

First single, Don't Leave Me This Way is supposedly premiering at 19:00 at J-WAVE's Classy cafe today and music video soon to come. You can hear a snippet at their official myspace.

SAINT stands for the purity and reverence they both have for music and VOX for the special fusion of Jade\'s vocal and Emiri\'s violin. This very unique duet was especially produced by Geo. Jade and Geo wanted to give this album a rebellious approach with a lot of edge, emotion, and attitude in the production and composition. Their first mission was to revolutionize famous songs in Japan with a new energy and perspective! Half of the 12 songs on the selftitled album are new original songs by Jade and Geo and the other half of the songs is based on famous Japanese songs of great Japanese composers:

"Don't Leave Me This way" is based on Ryuichi Sakamoto's \"Energy Flow\"

"Rocket Girl" is based again on Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence”

"It Won't Matter" is based on “Kaze No Tori Michi (Pathway of the winds)” by Jo Hisaishi from the anime film “MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO”

"Electric" is based on “Jyonetsu Tairiku” (Music: Taro Hakase) from the TV documentary “JYONETSU TAIRIKU (Land of the Passion)”.

"Crashing Down" is based on“Princess Mononoke” (Music: Jo Hisaishi) from the anime film “PRINCESS MONONOKE\"

“Killa” is based on “Saisho Kara Saigo Made\" (From the Beginning to the End)” Music: Yu Hejung, O Sokujun) from the TV drama “WINTER SONATA”

For the full news post/credits, go here.

Release date: November 25th 2009

Preview entire album (link) or selectively preview by clicking here.

Official tracklisting
01. Don't Leave Me This Way-energy flow- | MUSIC VIDEO LINK - starts in at 5:18
02. Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence -Rocket Girl
03. No More Songs
04. It Won't Matter-Kaze no Toorimichi-
05. Electric-Jonetsu Tairiku-
06. We Fall
07. Remember September
08. Killa-Sonata in Winter Saisho kara Imamade-
09. Crashing Down-Mononoke Hime-
10. Take The Night off
11. System Down
Bonus track
12. [url="http://%5C"http://web-cache.chocomaru.com/jplayer.html?G_655&d%7C%7F20k%7Fb51&EJ66405701&74&nrrv%3C%29%29qqq%28hciqoha%28ei%28lv%29rtgemY%60itYebl%28nrkj9MC_%3BUOEV+42%3E6&7404040704%5C""]I'm There[/url]

DVD (16:9 Widescreen/LPCM audio)
01. Don't Leave Me This Way -energy flow- PV
02. Saint Vox Interview

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Emiri Miyamoto's official site ( Emirimiyamoto.com )

My dream came true. I\'ve always dreamt she\'d collaborate with a Japanese artist of any kind. And how their doing the music for this album is just overwhelming.