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Jumping BoA signed @ KBS wall

30 November 2010 - 03:21 AM

Last two weeks I went to Korea for an educational trip and luckily I got to go to KBS station...

I found many artists' names and messages written by fanclubs on the walls so I wondered if there was any fanclub of BoA had been there and written her name.

Luckily, I found one there on the mirror. Here it is:

Posted Image

it was written on the mirror at the right side of the picture

Posted Image

SM Town Live'08 BoA's songs were played

07 February 2009 - 09:29 AM

i have just come back from SM Town Live' 08 concert in BKK and i really wanted to tell you all that before the concert began, they played many songs , at first, i didn't notice that what those song were, but suddenly, i heard BoA's LTMH and then Rock with you, Ahn-ge, GOT and another song but i can't remember the name (sorry)... that was so awesome!!!!!!! i realized that she didn't attend this concert but they played her songs, that was so amazing and finally before the concert started, they played Eat you up, OMG!!!!!
it was so amazing even she didn't be here.... and some parts of concert, the screen showed video about SM ent.'s artists from H.O.T. until SNSD and in BoA's part, they were Id; peace B, no.1, milky way, atlantis princess, my sweetie, my name, GOT and moto..... that was so cool!!!!! when the concert was going to the end, they all sang hot mail and red sun,, and i was just little disappointed that no one sang in her part,, there was only intrumental in her part.... maybe they should find someone to sing in her part...

did you see the moon yesterday?

01 December 2008 - 10:42 PM

on 1 Dec. 08 around 7.00 pm

it was so lovely, the moon was smile ^^ ... and the eyes were Venus and Jupiter...
they said that we have to wait for 44 years to see it again...

i forget to pick up my camera but i got it from many websites....
did you guys see it?

Posted Image

credits : www.pantip.com

and here is pics that i took when i went to Siam Paragon last Friday... in fact, they have to come here on last Friday, but they couldn't due to politics situation -*-

Posted Image

Posted Image

the last one: monitors at Park Paragon, it was showing Nobody... ^^

Posted Image

Vote for BoA 'MKMF 2008'

11 October 2008 - 11:38 PM

10th Anniversary MKMF 2008

There is 10 new categories for voting added

there's nothing much to say, BoA is nominated in 3 categories..

How to vote?

scroll down to olivialiu6's reply


10 new categories in MKMF 2008 added

1. Best performance

* 'Over the Top' : Girls on Top - Boa (2005)
* 'Club Diva' : Friend - Joe PD, In sunni, Iji, Shin ji, Ok ju hyun, Bada (2004)
* 'Comebank of the Queen' : 엄정화/ Cocoboys & Dodogirls (2006)
* 'Born Again' : I - Rain & Clone (2003)
* 'Opening Live' : Into The Arena / Killer Featuring - 신해철, Cy, Crash (2002)

2. Best Performance (MC)

* Cha Tae Hyun & Sung Yuri : Entrance Performance (2003)
* Kim Jung Eun Shin Dong Yeob : Na Hangsang Geudaereul (2002)
* Lee Da Hae : I love Rock 'n Roll (2007)
* Kim Ah Joong : Hope's Subject (2005)
* Kim Ok Bin : Don't Cha (2006)

3. Best Couple

* Lee Hyo Ri - Lee Min Woo (2003)
* Hwe Sung - Gummy (2004)
* Lee Seung Gi - Kim Ok Bin (2006)
* Haha - Jang Yoon Joo (2007)
* Choi Hong Man - Cho Hye Ryun (2005)

4. Best Dresser

* Lee Hyo Ri (2003)
* BoA (2005)
* SS501 (2006)
* Rain (2004)
* PArk Jin Young (2001)

5. Best Tear

* Micky Yoochun (2006)
* Dae Sung (2007)
* Kim Hyun Joong (2005)
* Bada (2001)
* BoA (2004)

6. Best Cameo

* S.E.S (2005)
* Mang Chee (2001)
* Moon Hee Joon Moo Shin (2005)
* Hyun Mee (2007)
* Lee Hyun Do (2004)

7. Best Red Carpet

* Super Junior - Bus (2005)
* Rain - Limo (2003
* No Hong Chul - No Hong Chul's car (2006)
* Dynamic duo - Ambulance car (2007)
* Lee Joon Ik + No brain - truck (2006)

8. Best Music Video

* Big Mama - Break Away (2003)
* Drunken Tiger - 소외된 모두 왼발을 한보 앞으로 (2005)
* 싸이 ‘연예인 (2006)
* Lee Seung Hwan - Request (1999)
* Joe PD - My style (2002)

9. Best Logo

* 2007
* 2006
* 2005
* 2004

10. Best MKMF

* 2006
* 2007
* 2005
* 2003
* 1999
* 2004
* 2001
* 2002
* 2000

credits: http://mkmf.mnet.com...teView.asp?mn=1


Thanks to "olivialiu6" for advice and i have edited to bold BoA in 5 already,, thanks so much (how can i miss it!)

BoA and KangTa in for music show at Beijing Games 2008

23 July 2007 - 06:37 AM

Some of South Korean biggest pop stars will gather for the biggest ever music show in HCM City tonight to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Viet Nam-South Korea diplomatic relations.

The Viet Nam-South Korea Friendship concert, hosted by South Korea's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will also bring together leading bands that will perform with local favourites, pop vocalists Lam Truong and My Linh.

Among the South Korean pop stars to appear are Seo Ji-young, Paran, Chae Yeon, Poppin Hyun-joon, and Baek Ji-young as well as Yoon Hyung-yeol, Park Jung-ah, Par Jee-yung.

Kang Ta, well known in Asia, will be a highlight. Born in 1979, he became the leader of the H O T five-member band that has topped the K-pop billboard.

The singer along with the BoA band has been chosen to represent South Korea for a special music show at the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

Another singer, Chae Yoen, 29, is known for her sexy, youthful performing style and friendly exchange with audiences. Her first album It's My Time was released in late 2003 as soon as she returned from Japan where she began her singing career under the name Jinny at the age of 22.

Dangerous Presentation, her first single, showed off her bold style, winning the singer a huge audience.

The 60-member delegation, including artists, managers and a support crew, came to Viet Nam last Sunday to prepare for the celebratory extravaganza at Phu Tho Gymnasium in District 11, HCM City which will begin at 6.30pm tonight. — VNS

credit : http://boa-nation.com

really surprised.... she will be in music show at Beijing Olympic 2008!!

good news...^^