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In Topic: When you first heard BoA...

09 December 2004 - 02:40 PM

Amazing Kiss :D

In Topic: Where to get????

22 November 2004 - 03:06 AM

go all those bookstores and look at their cd section. there's bound to be 1 onimous BoA in the world set. (PS: It's big and hard-cover. but best is to ask relatives/frens go korea buy)

In Topic: [NEWS] MTV Asia Awards 2005

22 November 2004 - 03:01 AM

so BoA aint in any of the award categories??

mayb they dun like her overpopularity last yr in singapore xD

In Topic: Anyone played 'BoA in the World' yet?

05 May 2004 - 11:16 AM

ooo.. BoA in da world!! i have it on cd!!

*searches for cd*

In Topic: A BoA picture!(cuteness)

04 May 2004 - 08:21 AM

:P *DrOoLs* ;)