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In Topic: What did Jesus look like?

08 November 2015 - 11:59 PM

Isaiah 53:2
He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.


Once I read a book about people's opinion around that period that have met and talked to Jesus.

There was a girl (I forgot her name, sorry!), she said that Jesus is an ordinary man but there is really something about him that made her awe. His aura that stands out the most of him. And all things around Him were brighter and better.

In Topic: BoA - Call My Name (Kanji + English translation)

22 October 2013 - 05:28 PM

thanks so much for this. her B side always sounds amazing as well.

In Topic: [REQ] BoA - Message [English Translation]

22 October 2013 - 05:26 PM

thanks for the full translation. this song is so beautiful *-*

In Topic: [Italian fans] Fan account translation

11 May 2013 - 04:41 PM

the difference between me and those fans are EXPECTATION.
i know BoA is famous, but I never think that BoA should give fans treatment like gooddess.
She is human being and I really agree with what Cori said, she is not that social type like who can go around with anyone beside her.
I know as fan, we expect much for what treatments we should receive from popular artists, but don't raise that expectation much, you might disappoint.

In Topic: Benetton - The Face Colors (10th Talent BoA)

20 March 2013 - 02:58 AM

i hope they will release more!!!
i miss BoA endorsing clothes brand. i hope there will be batch of pictures like Double W :D