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#2303533 End of year show

Posted by 2boamystar on 25 December 2015 - 08:43 PM

BoA looked a bit tired but the make up and the outfit were good :)


So proud of BoA because she was the only Korean singer on Music Station Super Live :)

#2303524 End of year show

Posted by 2boamystar on 25 December 2015 - 05:23 AM

Music Station BoA's entrance


Meri Kuri [15th Anniversary Ver,) Performance



BoA sang so well this time, less nasally and more powerful. The best performance of Meri Kuri in the recent years.

#2303492 [2015-12-22] Christmas Paradise (Single) / SMTOWN - Winter Garden

Posted by 2boamystar on 21 December 2015 - 06:08 PM

BoA's technique is getting better and better. Her high notes at the end gave me chills!

#2303388 【Confirmed】15th Anniversary Concert

Posted by 2boamystar on 13 December 2015 - 03:32 AM

Her live singing is superb. Hands down. Praising her is never enough

#2303304 End of year show

Posted by 2boamystar on 04 December 2015 - 07:00 AM

I think BoA chose the Japan shows over MAMA or Korean yea end shows because she is now focusing on her career in Japan, particularly to help promote her Single Lookbook which has a lot of potential?


Back to the Meri Kuri performance. The start was a bit shaky, but as the song went on, BoA sounded better. 

#2302944 Kiss my lips ALBUM Hanteo daily sales and Gaon numbers

Posted by 2boamystar on 11 October 2015 - 03:38 AM

To be honest guys, BoA passed her peak and she entered the legendary league already. She is still being very consistent with her music release, activities and appearances. She has fan meetings, tours, new singles and albums as well as more shows participation. I am really happy as a fan, really, knowing that BoA is almost 30 yo and having 15 years of career. These things that she is doing cannot be taken for granted. For many singers out there, they release a lot fewer stuffs than BoA especially after long years of career, they just don't really care and want to relax. BoA, on the other hand, is still working hard and producing stuffs for us to enjoy.


But yes, low sales is sad. Unfair promotion is sad, but there is little that we can do about it, so why do we need to argue or rant? Can you make other people buy her CDs when they dont like? No Can you make SM promote BoA the way you want it to be? No. Actually, honestly, I am happy with all the promotions she got so far from SM. 

#2302807 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by 2boamystar on 02 October 2015 - 06:49 PM

London again huh? I am expecting a ballad or a mid-tempo ballad :)


Please do something more interesting than FLY :P

#2284381 【Confirmed】15th Anniversary Concert

Posted by 2boamystar on 22 August 2015 - 05:06 AM

WOWOWOWOW. This time BAD DRIVE was completely live!!!

#2279642 【Official Thread】"Kiss My Lips" Promotions

Posted by 2boamystar on 28 May 2015 - 10:05 AM

^ Isnt that the good thing cos she can't stand doing cute dance. She must be bad-ass haha. She focused more on singing :)


First time hearing BoA singing WAY live. It sounds good!


The Full Play Challenge SAMSUNG Talk Concert is here [FANCAM]


#2279521 Kiss my lips ALBUM Hanteo daily sales and Gaon numbers

Posted by 2boamystar on 24 May 2015 - 09:06 AM

Well...here we go again. The same problem we had since Identity albym was released. Some liked and praised BoA's composing skills. Some disliked it...


I just wanna say my opinion. I love almost all the songs that BoA wrote. I like her taste in music because it somehow fits in with mine. Maybe that's why I like her songs :)

#2279429 【Official Thread】"Kiss My Lips" Promotions

Posted by 2boamystar on 22 May 2015 - 07:48 AM

I believe BoA can sing well like that :)

#2279371 8th Korean album will be released on 12 May

Posted by 2boamystar on 20 May 2015 - 06:07 PM

Yes, I agree BoA looks so good and healthy during this period of promotion. I am just happy to see BoA like that.


Translation to all songs from Kiss My Lips



#2279275 【Official Thread】"Kiss My Lips" Promotions

Posted by 2boamystar on 17 May 2015 - 05:16 PM

When this happened, why do we all forget the success that ONLY ONE had? That song was written and composed by BoA too, and sure it was good and "public friendly"... Why saying that BoA does not know what to choose for her album title track, or composed something that is not going to bring her success? I am sure BoA knows WAY would make a public friend title track, but I believe BoA chose KML because she is proud of it. She has this unique taste of music, which is influenced by the Western music, so it showed in KML, and I personally like it a lot. How many K-pop idols out there can actually compose a different and complex song like KML like BoA did, or they just compose some generic and public friendly song?


Like she already said on her Instagram, she does not care about the haters, so we should not too. BoA is happy to perform KML on stage, and fans, we should rejoice with her and support her. Does not she get enough hate from the anti-fans already?


I can put myself into BoA's shoes. After all the hype and praises for WAY, she would expect her comeback album to be a big success. She should have felt great disappointment too. I feel for her. I hope she will be strong to continue what she has started.


I would like to follow up what MrP said, when she played safe in Japan (releasing cute/generic/public songs like Tail of Hope, Masayume Chasing etc,), we fans also complained why she did that? Why she kept releasing generic songs...and now when she did KML, we complained why she did not try to follow the maintream and release public friendly/generic song to suit public's taste... It must be hard to please her fans, BoA thinks...

#2279150 8th Korean album will be released on 12 May

Posted by 2boamystar on 16 May 2015 - 09:02 AM

This is the first album in ages that I play every single song in the album, and I play them several times! 


I am doing my best to help BoA win over BIG BANG tomorrow. Don't care about the fan wars haha

#2279117 8th Korean album will be released on 12 May

Posted by 2boamystar on 15 May 2015 - 11:52 PM

I think it only makes sense if they count the view within the nearest week. They can't count the total view if the song was released on different dates, and there are awards given out every week :)


So yes, I will watch WAY now!!!