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Amazing covers of BoA songs

27 November 2010 - 04:42 PM

Just discovered these videos online and just had to share them cause they're really good covers and her voice is amazing.
Her name is MoA and she's from Sweden. She used to have an account up, but it got deleted. And before that she had another account but had to close it down cause her parents weren't supportive and her mom told her she sounded like a dying cat :(
Thankfully somebody online has been collecting her videos so they aren't all gone :(
Anyways have a listen and show your support :thumbsup:

Hurricane Venus:

Do The Motion:

The pic in the banner

02 August 2010 - 05:14 AM

Looking for the pic used in the current BoAjjang banner.
HQ if possible.
Thank you :thumbsup:

BoA is searching for hit songs for Korean comeback

25 March 2010 - 03:43 PM

Found this article on AllKpop and thought it was interesting...

Korea’s superstar BoA is making a comeback very soon in Korea. Many national fans are incredibly excited but I’m sure that builds on more pressure for BoA.

Since it has been five years since she’s promoted an album in Korea, she has a lot of hype and standards to live up to. She is known for being one of Korea’s most successful singers. She spread her popularity to Japan and other places all over the world. So now that she is coming back, what will she come back with?

A rumor has it that she has taken a song from a Korean top hip hop artist. She’s also trying hard to get songs from a variety of songwriters.

This year is not only marking her return to Korea but it’s also a 10th anniversary for her! Yes, it’s been ten full years since BoA has debuted.

She wants to make sure the quality of her album is up to par. I’m sure it’ll be. Would you guys want a hip hop track from BoA?

I hope that artist was YG's TEDDY. I'm such a big fan of his work :D
I'd love to have Kenzie take part in this album as well since he's composed so many great songs for her. Starting to get really hyped for this album! :D

iPod Nano Problems

18 June 2009 - 04:03 PM

Ok, so I've had a 3rd Generation iPod Nano for about a year and a half now and I'm very careful with it. I treat it as if it were the lost holy grail :lol:
But, recently, I've been noticing some problems with it. Some that I noticed a while back and others that have just started to happen. If anybody has any ideas on how to fix 1 or more of these problems, I would be incredibly grateful :o

Problem #1
Whenever I add a song I always edit the info. I also add an album cover because I select my songs from the "Cover Flow" menu. But it seems that quite often when I add the album art, then disconnect my iPod and go into my cover flow, the album art is just black. I found that going into the music menu in iTunes, un-checking the box and then re-checking seems to fix the problem, but I don't want to have to keep doing this. Is there a way to fix the black album covers?

Problem #2
When I connect my iPod to my PC (Or any PC for that matter), it tends to freeze up at the main screen and I have to reset my iPod from the start. I don't think resetting your iPod that many times is healthy for it so I want to know if there any solution to this problem as well...

Problem #3
As of lately, I've noticed that every new song I put on my iPod doesn't seem to play. I've tried a variety of songs and I get the same results everytime. I get the album cover and that's it. Nothing plays, there's no info displayed, nor is there the power battery. I really don't know what to do in this situation so help would be very much appreciated :unsure:

Right now, your first answer to my problems is probably "Just take it to an Apple Store. They'll fix it" However, the problem with the Apple Store near me is that they have this policy that if they can't fix the problem in 15 minutes, they replace your iPod. I know they aren't gonna be able to fix all my problems in such a short amount of time and I don't want a new iPod cause my old one has all my songs on it and I don't want to have to re-download them all :(
So any help would be fantastic! :thumbsup:

Need Help Identifying If This Guy Is Trying To Scam Me...

19 May 2009 - 06:09 PM

Ok, so this is the first time I ever try to sell anything online. I put up my Wii console and a few games up on CraigsList Montreal since I no longer wanted them. I poted it up around noon Saturday and I got a reply from a guy around 3 hours later. Here's the emails we sent back and forth to each other:
Note: The guy is not English so some of his sentences are weirdly structured

CraigsList Guy:

Hello Seller,

I have so much interest in buying this under listed item pasted on advertisement. May i know the condition and the final price of the item. Kindly get back to me asap for the next negotiation.

Thanks for anticipation.

Best Regards

My Reply:

The Wii is in perfect working condition. Looks almost new. Comes with all the cables which are used to work the Wii. It also comes in it's original box with original instruction manuals as well. The games included are in perfect working condition with no scratches on them. The GameCube controller is a little dirty but still works perfectly. and as I said on the listing, Wii Sports is not included in this deal unless you want it. It has many scratches on it, however it still works fine. If you want it, I'll give it to you free -_-
Best regards

Craigslist Guy (I got this one today)

Hellow sir,thanks for the respond. I'm Trader, i live in Greece located in Athens. I'm working under shopping plaza store as a store keeper. I love to buy this item with the litle stock i have bought into my newly opening shopping store in west africa Nigeria.
sir, i would have come to pick it up, but i was busy due to the nature of the job i m doing........
May i know the means of payment accepted because i make use of PAYPAL, online payment which is very safe, faster and secure. Kindly forward me your opinion , and the shipping cost through the postoffice. Nice to have your decision, so that i can make the payment without any further delay.
sir, Your money and the security of the item is my concerned..
Thanks and get back to me asap for the next agenda.

Best Regards.


This is my FIRST time selling anything online so I was wondering if this guy is trying to scam me or if it's just me being paranoid. Remember, I live in Montreal and he lives all the way in Greece which means he would've had to search up Canada, then click Quebec and then click the area of Montreal. It just seems odd that he'd go all the way there to find a Wii. What do you guys think? :S