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In Topic: BoA Gets Her Own Blog

10 June 2007 - 07:52 AM

she has a new entry up. can someone translate that too? >.<

Here you go
Entry 4- Introducing

These czechoslovakian dolls are presents from my mother.
Posted Image

~end entry~

okay, this will be my last translation post in here but-cough- BoA's house as translations posting.

In Topic: BoA Gets Her Own Blog

07 June 2007 - 10:39 AM

BoA's Second Entry

I traveled to the United States for an event held by Korean television. I attended the Hollywood Bowl held in an Outdoor stage in Los Angeles. ^^

Posted Image

This is LAX Aiport's carts!
The logo looks cute.Posted Image
The carts are free of charge in Korea and Japan.... (T?T) -End of entry-

In Topic: BoA Gets Her Own Blog

06 June 2007 - 11:24 AM

I'm feeling very nice, For All those who need translations, found them only one draw back, its on a myspace BoA fan account, I don't want to get into trouble by Posting the Link So I'll post her translations:

Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing? BoA's blog has finally started! I would like to commemorate the opening of the BoA blog with this first entry ^^V
From now on, I'll write all my thoughts, feelings and many other things in BoABlog. I hope you guys will visit my blog often!
By the way, im in Korea now and I’m currently working very hard for the production activities as well as lessons. From now BoA will be concentrating in Korea so hope my fans await my new comeback.
Before returning to Korea, I went to a park with my manager and I did what I like most – photography~ With my digital camera and my film camera, I rode on the bicycle once around the park. It felt great looking at the clear blue sky. Posted Image
The sunlight seeping through the branches is such a great view!! And so the shutter goes off (meaning takes another photo) Without realizing it, I took around 100 photos. It was the splendid holiday for BoA.
I’m beginning to understand the feeling of people who lived in ancient times, not having a watch and still be able to know what’s the time of the day.
Recently I'm neither using my mobile nor my watch. I especially love how shadows look near sunset!!!
Because it looks long (laughs)Posted Image
See my BODY LANGUAGE through my shadow
Isn’t it interesting?
-End of entry-

In Topic: Is BoA's next stop China?

02 June 2007 - 04:54 AM

Well, I heard from somewhere that she was supposed to enter the China market around this time but they changed her plans and decided that they wanted her to do a Korean album so now, tentatively, she might enter the China market around end this year or sometime next year. However, it's still a long way away so it's very much subject to change. I wouldn't get my hopes of her entering the China market up though. It seems highly unpropable.

she's done advertising in China already for a make up line and levis jeans.

But i would imagine her wanting to come to the US before China, Seeing as she's already has concerts here and tons of fans.

In Topic: Is BoA's next stop China?

01 June 2007 - 07:14 PM

Okay, i was just hoping to get that cleared up, but in Wiki, it says SM wants her to become a music scene in China.