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Where do YOU come from?

02 May 2009 - 04:55 AM

Hey BoAjjangers.

Just a random little poll to find out where everyone comes from.

I wonder where most people come from... My prediction: Asia.

Anyways, I was born and bred in Australia :wub:

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!! torukun2's EMP !!

07 February 2009 - 06:02 PM

torukun2's EMP

Posted Image

Bring my EMP on you say, BoA? Okay, here it goes… WOOO 1000 posts!!

Posted Image

First of all, I'd like to say that I've met a lot of wonderful people in these forums and it's been a pleasure being a part of the community. Thanks everyone.

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My first handful of people who I'd like to thank are my fellow spammers ^^:

Elusionx/Elusion (Clarissa) – I think you were one of the first people I met and got to know. Thanks for being so fun to spam with. I know you've been quite busy and everything and haven't had much of a chance to spam as much as you used to, so I'm trying to spam on your behalf ;)

Here's a Nissan Skyline to get to work faster

Posted Image

Eu-kun/Mardy Bum (Eugene) – Thanks for being a cool friend. It was always fun spamming with you in the 3 word endless story game ^^ Here's a Fender electric guitar. Have fun playing! It'd be cool if I could hear you play one day. Oh, and have some Audio Technica headphones ^^

Posted ImagePosted Image

rainbowbeat (Gaby) – I got you an orange orchard so you can eat oranges to your heart's content and you might find what you're searching for, the SWEETEST orange on earth, in this orchard. Also, what's an orchard when you don't have a house, so there's a house near the orchard for you too. Hope you like living in it ;)

Posted ImagePosted Image

sitinana (Siti) – Hey you. You were the one that kept me company on MSN (or should I say, Windows Live Messenger) when I couldn't post. Thanks so much for that! I hope you're having fun in Singapore, don't worry you'll see snow one day ^^ I haven't seen you around for quite a long time. But hopefully you'll be able to go on Bjj more ^^

Here's a snowman to guard your very own snow palace.

Posted ImagePosted Image

yippy11/-nothing- (Lisa) – Or should I say Elisa? Lol, I know your secret ^_^ B) It's been so much fun spamming with you as well! You're one of the most active spammers around =] you're so fun to talk to and play games with! Here you go, I know it's not a real car like Clarissa's but I hope you like it:

Posted Image

If you don't then you can just keep Yunho for a week ^^

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[BoA]MU (Jason) – Hey, the original Mr. 999.

Posted Image

I'm waiting for your EMP ;) Hope you'll complete it soon when you're not too busy. It must have been kind of boring confining yourself to the spam section… isn't it? Well, I hope that this Xbox 360 Elite (ooh) will help relieve some of that boredom xD

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Y2Kevtjai (Kevin) – Wasn't it nice being one of the Mr. 999s for a little bit? I really started to understand how Jason felt lol. Congrats on your EMP!! Thanks for encoding all these videos for us! And spamming with me :D It's been a blast. Hmm… what to give you… Have an iPod Touch ^^:

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Minion (Jaevus) – Hey, I haven't talked to you for a while. Maybe cos you're not as active in the spam section as much as you used to be.

Here, you can have your very own minion:

CADENZA – I don't know you very well, but I know about your spamming habits. You reply in like every topic on the first page…well, most of them. Then where it says "Last post by:" your username fills like every one ^^ lol.

I'd like to give you a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, you know, for the sun:

Posted Image

boafan_1 (Leanie) – Hey! You're from Australia too ^^ Hehe. Hope you're having fun at school. Be cool, stay in school ;) See you in the spam section.

Have a cute little puppy:

Posted Image

I can give out living creatures can't I..? o_o

[email protected] (Fenny) – Hey, I only just met you but I've seen you around a lot before. I hope I can get to know you better.

Have a box of yummy Krispy Kreme donuts… *drool*:

Posted Image

보아 <3 (Anseyao) – I only just met you a few weeks ago, but you seem like a pretty cool Korean dude. I'd like to give you this bookcase full of manga:

Posted Image

HOPYA (Ryan) - Holy crap... I almost forgot about you. I hardly ever see you spam that much anymore... or maybe that's because I haven't been spamming as much now due to stupid school... Anyways, thanks for being a great spammer, your avatar and signature always interests me even though I don't say it, the images are kind of out of this world and intriguing. Where do you get them from?
Anyways, thanks for being a cool guy, have these tetris ice cube trays... Lol, they're kinda cool
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And if you get tired of ice, then have this Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro) DVD. Your signature reminded me of the cat bus at one point... Lol. Don't know how that happened...
Posted Image

Kung Fu Hung-Su – Werewolf game starter! Thanks for making that game. Apparently you're the spam king? Too bad I wasn't around during your Golden Era xD. Hey, EVERYONE GO PLAY THE WEREWOLF GAME, WE NEED MORE PEOPLE! :D Here's a werewolf doll—I mean action figure.

Posted Image

A lot of you sure like to change your name huh… lol =] … Whatever floats your boat.

pupluvgurl (Linda): Sorry I forgot!! :) Anyways, remember the Girls and Boys game? Lol. You were one of the main female forces... but what happened?? The boys are like dominating now, a few more hundred and we've reached 1000 :o
Since you're "100% Chinese beef living in Canada" have some Kobe beef (apparently it's really nice since the fat is like marbled in with the meat or something:
Posted Image
Or if you don't like that then, have:
Posted Image
Kobe beef covered iPod Nano (Sorry, couldn't find any 4Gens that had this casing). ENJOY!

Anyway, a big thanks goes out from me to all those uploaders out there that share a heap of BoA stuff. kyo_jieming2000, kuraudo, BoA_rocks_in_english, sennheiserlover, Y2Kevtjai and many others. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in uploading those files. I know I've taken so many of your files. Oh, and while I wasn't posting I kind of took some files without leaving a comment :o So thanks to those people! I'd like to thank you with these:

Posted Image

Have a PS3 ^^ … Oh, and the new Street Fighter IV:

Posted Image

I'd also like to thank BoAjjang's founders and staff, without you guys this forum wouldn't be up and running and I wouldn't be having fun here. Thanks so much. I'd like to give you each a new Nintendo DSi console.

Posted Image

For every other BoAjjang member, you special people get a mystery present :o

Posted Image

Thanks for reading my EMP ^^

Ahhh it feels so liberating to post outside the spam section

If I forgot anyone please feel free to pipe up and I'll add you. I'm so sorry if I forgot… I don't have the greatest memory in the world.

Flood Control in the spam forum

10 January 2009 - 11:11 PM


Is it possible to reduce the amount of time between posts in the spam forum?
Because whenever I spam it gets a bit frustrating sometimes when I see that flood control message come up
and I'm sure others agree as well.

Maybe change it from 30 seconds to 15 seconds?

Thanks for your time.


08 November 2008 - 10:36 PM

I just found this video on youtube, and it's like the funniest thing I've ever seen. :D
It's a video about this anti-fan who's like making fun of BoA.
Now guys, don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to draw attention to them so that you can bash him/her. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so it doesn't matter if this person likes her or not.
I just thought it was funny how he compared her with everyone. I don't mind her being compared to Britney either. I mean, Britney is (was) a great dancer and performer.

So here's the link: *removed*

EDIT: Just a little warning, if you're a hardcore BoA fan that hates people dissing her, then don't watch this. I love BoA, but I can look at the funny side of this.

Does everyone else think this is the most hilarious thing ever?
(Don't get so defensive now people...)

Hey. How old are you?

20 October 2008 - 07:47 AM

Hey, I was just wondering what the average age of BJJ members are.
16-18 I am :unsure: