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BoA to Perform in U.S. Along With Rain and Se7en

15 January 2009 - 11:28 AM

This was posted on KBS Global News and it seemed no one posted here
as well its not really a big deal but it talks about BoA postponing her acting
Career and BoA also talks about some of the other groups in her label company
such as DBSK, GG, Shinee, SuJu i find this article really nice hope this is allowed
to be shared

Ahh sorry for posting this I did not see this was already posted thanks Kuraudo for
telling me sorry again Mods can you kindly close this thread thank you and sorry

BoA to Perform in U.S. Along With Rain and Se7en
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BoA is postponing her debut as an actress because of her U.S. debut.

Singer BoA (23, real name Kwon Bo-a) says she is looking forward to performing
in the U.S. along with Rain and Se7en, because--despite their different music styles
--the three of them can cause a bigger stir in the U.S. pop market together rather
than individually.

This year, several K-pop artists including BoA, Rain (27, real name Chung Ji-hoon)
and Se7en (25, real name Choi Dong-wook) will establish their presence in the U.S.

BoA released her U.S. debut single album "Eat You Up" in October last year and is to
release her first studio album targeting the U.S. market early this year. Rain, for his part,
will debut in Hollywood in July-August in the movie "Ninja Assassin" and will release his
"worldwide album" in August.

Se7en, who last year announced the song "Girls" by famous American producer Dark Child,
will launch promotional activities in the U.S. in February along with Lil' Kim, who is featured
in the song, and will release his studio album early this year.

In a recent interview, BoA said she looks forward to this "goodwill competition" with other
K-pop artists in a foreign market. "I hope we'll all meet up in the U.S., because we're going
to feel very lonely. I know Se7en personally and we've been keeping in touch while he's
been staying in Los Angeles. He tells me about his life in the U.S. and how he's learning
English," said BoA.

She also added that she prefers to maintain close relations with a small group of people
rather than with many people and that she will need good friends in the U.S. more than ever.

In the interview, BoA also mentioned her long-scheduled debut as an actress. "I've postponed
my acting plans for a while because my U.S. debut is a priority at this point. In fact, I've received
an offer from Hollywood as well as from Korea and Japan. If I'm made an offer to appear in a
really good production, I'll try my hand at acting," said the singer.

BoA says she is happy to see her junior colleagues like TVXQ, Girls' Generation and SHINee
growing up as artists. They are all managed by the same agency, SM Entertainment.

"Singers don't have much opportunity to meet other apprentice singers after their debut. I learned
about TVXQ only after the band's debut. I like it a lot. I'm the same age as a lot of the TVXQ and
Super Junior members. One of the Super Junior members is even older than me. That's why I
jokingly call him 'Super Adult.' The Girls' Generation members are very pretty, while the
SHINee members are like my little brothers. The youngest one, Tae-min, is seven years
my junior," said BoA.

BoA said for the past six years she has spent December 31 in the waiting room of the Japanese
broadcaster NHK, because she has appeared in NHK's Kouhaku Singing Festival every year. The
singer added that she was happy to see TVXQ participate in the festival last year.

KBS Global News

BoA Cute Face Expression HEY!x3 [04.02.08]

09 February 2008 - 01:20 AM

High Quality Caps of BoA on HEY!x3 just her cute
face expression up close hopefully no one posted

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Favorite Ballad Sad BoA Songs

08 February 2008 - 02:13 PM

So basically whats your favorite Ballad Sad songs
i know theres alot more than this but unfortunately
i could not fit them all i put the language and where
the music songs are in the album so if you dont know
some you can check it out and find them and you can
select more than one.

My favorite song currently is still "be with you." i cant
stop listening to it

Did You Like BoA New PV "Be with You."

29 January 2008 - 09:00 AM

Posted Image
So the music video is up for grabs in the download section
so what do you think about this music video? did you like it?
was it better than her last three music video? did this music
video reminded you another video? did it made it in you
favorite list or did you think it could have been better? give
your opinion


My Opinion:
I thought it was a really beautiful music video it had some
elements that was used before in other music video such
as Everlasting, Key of Hearts, Meri Kuri like the old look the
flash back and real clips and some slow motion. i think this
music video did well from all three PV BoA recently release
if im going to rate this music video from a 1 to 5 ill for sure
give it a 5 and it seems like BoA really had a blast playing
with the doggy in the park so cute!!

Im Lost In Life

26 January 2008 - 10:31 AM

Problem Solved :: Thank You

Well i really dont know what to do anymore ever since i was
in elementary i was the person that got bulled because i was
the easy target but after graduating elementary school it gets
even more series i would still remember the torment i had gone
through from being jump to getting shove on floors getting slap
in locker rooms and getting push and drag on basketball fence
i would still remember hiding the bruise and cuts i gotten from
those torment and still manage to put on a smile so my parents
dont see what had happen to me and the name calling in the hall
ways and the fact that when its lunch time i sit by myself in a
corner it seems like when people hang around me they seem to
see me as a bacteria and i hate looking at there face they always
give me the cold look i never had a close or best friend to talk to
so all my life its been so empty and the only thing that makes me
happy and to escape this pain is by going online to hear music and
talking to people on forums but now im in home school and this
emotion comes and goes and my thoughts are filled with bad
memories and all i wanted is to have friends to hang with to talk
with to watch movies and be a normal person would have been
now it seems so hard to express my self to people in church and
to make friends im so afraid to open up with people i was hoping
some people here have some advise to give