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In Topic: Tiny BoA with her Bodyguard

10 April 2011 - 07:39 PM

Looks like it was taken on an iPhone. I wonder if that's BoA's? Haha.

In Topic: Old BoA vs New BoA

13 January 2011 - 04:17 PM

I like the new BoA because she's more daring and fierce! Haha.

In Topic: "I SEE ME" available for digital purchase in Korea

12 January 2011 - 11:26 PM

Hmm...is J-pop popular in Korea?

In Topic: [US Perf] BoA's Free Live Performance at Universal CityWalk (1)

16 March 2009 - 01:18 PM

Should I get there early to get a chance to meet her?
How long do you guys think her performance will be?

In Topic: BoA's Epic March Activities!

16 March 2009 - 12:41 AM

Does anyone know how long her performance at Universal City Walk will be or knows an estimate?