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In Topic: Happy 4705th Lunar Year!

05 February 2008 - 01:57 PM

TET....i wonder how much i will get this year ahah.

i dont think im getting any li xi for tet

It's good to see some fellow Vietnamese here :) Chung mung nam moi :)

Aw, why aren't you getting li xi for Tet? :sly:

In Topic: Happy 4705th Lunar Year!

05 February 2008 - 09:22 AM

Like I said, New Year's Eve xD

In Topic: THSK or DBSK?

03 February 2008 - 04:25 AM

I prefer 東方神起 over 동방신기 to be honest?

They now have 3 Korean albums and 3 Japanese albums.

I know EVERY SINGLE song on their Japanese albums. I know how they sound like, I know their lyrics (in a way) and most of all I really really appreciate and treasure those songs. BUT, I'm not saying that I don't treasure their Korean songs, but those tend to be forgettable.

[*note: I got into DBSK via their Kpop stuff] The thing with their Korean albums is, that they don't release singles like they do in Japan. We don't get the time to get used to the Korean songs and also not the time to learn to appreciate and treasure it unlike their Japanese releases. I'm certain that I will know all their Korean songs if they'd promote it like in Japan; with singles that is. But that's a market issue, and you won't see Korea buy singles anyway. You get the whole thing shoved in your hands and you just listen to it. To be honest, I only like a few songs on their albums. I remember that their Rising Sun album has like 4 titles with the word "LOVE" in it.

- Your Love is all I need
- Love after Love
- Love is...
- Love Is Never Gone

Besides Your Love is all I need, I wouldn't say that I can say "OH THAT'S Love After Love" after I heard the song xD It's kinda forgettable and that's a pity to be honest. It's more like "Ohhh thát song, what's it's name again? X_x".

The funniest thing is, I dó prefer them singing in Korean. It's their native language afterall. Their 2007 Korean songs like Yeo Haeng Gi, Harudal and Evergreen were absolutely fabulous. I can't seem to remember their Summer song (there you go o_o) they sang in the Summer SMTOWN album >.<;

The whole KPop vs JPop issue, that's a matter of taste. Tohoshinki has really a diversity than Dong Bang Shin Ki? I think Tohoshinki's music, ok it's too poppy at times, has a more colourful character. If you listened to "T" by now (aw come on ^_^), you'd know what I mean.

I mean really T >>> "O" by far.

Trick is quite creative imo. Purple Line is a good new SMP song, I don't know if I prefer this over "O" though... No? has an equal sensual feeling like Hey!Girl. Ride On wasn't really something I'd expect them doing in Japanese lol. But it was one of the hottest thing ever [[Changmin's moaning xD]]. DARKNESS EYES is hot. End of discussion. This song made the album close to perfection. Rainbow is a typical Jpop, but hey, it IS Jpop :) LAST ANGEL is quite good if you listened to it more than 10 times XD Clap! shows that they can these kind of stuff too. Jaejoong's MAZE-voice makes me swoon like crazy. Kiss shita Mama, Sayonara; one the most touching songs I've ever heard. JaeChun did a great job. Their A-sides were always awesome (minus Together). The Oricon charts proved it. They did a better job this year than their sunbae BoA if you look at sales.

In Topic: Tohoshinki Vol. 3 - T

03 February 2008 - 03:47 AM

I love all of them to be honest xD

I just can't choose ^_^ CLAP! and DARKNESS EYES are on the top, but Kiss shita mama, sayonara is so so pretty too :)

In Topic: 2008 COMEBACK Setlist. [Korea]

20 January 2008 - 10:17 AM

Let's say the whole SM Town groups and Epik High :)