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FAILED to Render!

25 August 2006 - 09:52 AM

It getting on my nerves things i d/led goes FAILED TO RENDER! DAMNIT! I want it to render! I want to WATCH MY DRAMAs! ^_^ Render...What does that mean?

Do you have a solution?

Exam Results

23 August 2006 - 04:56 PM

I'm getting my exam results today.....in 9 hours, at school with everyone. And I'm really scared......Cos I'm chinese my parents expect me to get As A*s ¬___¬ But i found the papers really really hard..... Yesterday i got a call for school around 5pm asking me to come in an hour early for Press and Tv....And Its making me really scared, because they will be watching me open my results and it might not be as good i want it to be...

I CAN'T SLEEP, My family will disown me!

I always thought negatively to my exam and results, i always thought i be getting UNCLASSIFIED....Because i did a higer paper for all my exams and i'm really scared that i couldn't even scrape a C in them.. And my Aunts gonna call tomorrow asking what i got, I have 3 family in the same year as me! 3 CLEVER people to compare to! I CANNOT LIVE UP TO THEIR EXPECTATIONS! I really feel as if i have let them down because it happened before during my SATs.....

And if i do, do well then during College i will have a higher standard to live up to, i'm scared i won't be able to do my courses for college........It 2am in the morning and i'm busy worrying my ass off...My cousins' parents really to boast they asses at my parents, and say i'm stupid...Man they are going to call 24/7 until i tell them my results...I also don't want to let my teachers down esp my Spanish and Maths teacher who believed i could get an A! My Spanish teacher is the best but i don't know if i can....

Its quite upsetting to be going and seeing everyone achieve their grades and me ini a corner siting with these Us and Fs, I don't even want to open it! I don't want to see it! If it is seen i want it to be read out SO EVERYONE WILL KNOW I POORLY I DID...So they won't have to make me repeat such bad grades...I don't want to get my hopes high because i'm just in for a huge disapointment, so i rather be in a disapointed mood and be surprise but results or not.... How it is going now My parents don't think i will do well...They say they will be okay if i get Cs or Bs...But i know them they want to boast about good results whihc my elder sister never gave to them and now all their hopes are on ME! ME! I DON'T WANT TO CARRY ANYONES HOPES! Because it just might lead to another disapointment...

Results.. I CAN'T I was soo happy when waiting for them, But now its time...And I don't want it! :notworthy:

Does anyone ever feel like that?

Can you get a Tan?

18 July 2006 - 08:01 AM

Theres a heat wave in England and everyone here is desperate for a tan, WE WANT TO BE TANNED! (well i want to LOL) :)

Everyone is quite sucessful...But me! Its getting on my nerves, i would be outside waiting to be tanned, but instead of getting tan i get Burnt! SUN BURNT I TELL YOU! man i'm so pale and white.....i don't even look chinese....Man i sooo sad, I am whiter than white people.... :thumbsup:

My cells aren't protecting my nucleus whihc means i cannot get a tan, which means if i stay out in the sun too much the sun rays can mutate my nucleus causing some sort of cancer....Damn the Science teacher for teaching me that.....

Does anyone suffer the same? And is there a way i can solve this without fake tan ¬____¬

Lee Soo Young in London

01 May 2006 - 03:44 PM

Posted Image
A camera picture...not ery good quality as you can tell.
Lee Soo-young, Kim Young-im and Joo Hyung-ki leading a communal singing of Arirang.

OMG OMG! I found out the day before the performance......and i thought, I'm never going to get tickets....until a friend encourage me to try, so we went together just to try and buy tickets or wait until it finished for her autograph....In the end we got tickets!!! We were sooo happy......

We spent 2hrs inside watch an orchestra playing before she came on...I sat there and read To kill a Mockingbird...Suddenly she came on we all cheered....She said somehting in korean....which made people laugh....(which i have no idea of....) She sang and sang...Her voice was wonderful....So emotional.....

BUT! Two members of the ochestra behind her were laughing, making fun of her and etc! It really annoyed sooooo much.

At the end me and my friend waited outside for her so did alot of people.....but where was she.....She was gone....LONG GONE!.....She didn't bother signing autos for us!...... Sooo upset.....

Update later with pics. gtg sleep for skool....

Memoirs Of A Geisha Banned By China

29 January 2006 - 01:14 PM

Posted Image

Actor Berfield's new home was the marital home of Simpson and estranged husband NICK LACHEY while they filmed hit US reality TV show NEWLYWEDS China Bans Memoirs Of A Geisha.

New movie MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA has been banned in China amid fears it will encourage widespread anti-Japanese ideologies.

The casting of Chinese actresses ZHANG ZIYI and GONG LI in the Japanese drama has already caused outrage in China - because many regard geishas as prostitutes.

With Sino-Japanese relations reportedly at their lowest point in decades, authorities fear the film will revive resentment over the horrific sexual abuse suffered by thousands of Chinese women at the hands of Japanese troops during the Second World War.

The state-run Film Bureau initially approved the film, but have now retracted their decision - citing the film as "too sensitive" and having "complex" problems.

This is the second block buster movie recently banned by the Chinese government recently they banned Brokeback Mountain.

Credits: femalefirst

My opinion:

There is no way this film would increase hatred to the japanese yet it will make them forget the hatred, it will lessen it which is a good thing because we don't want this generation hating what was done in the past. Yes many of chinese ancestors suffered, but China did what Japan did to Tailand a long time ago, yet it is not as big a the Japan and China incident where millions are dead, but there is little in the film about the war! It just the Geisha's experience through the war, we don't see anything else but that! And there is just sooo little about the war, there is no need to ban it! Geisha's are not Posititues aswell, if people get to watch the film they understand, and won't see Geisha's as posititues anymore. Yet China are banning the film because they want to keep the way people are thinking about Japanese people the same, want them to continue to hate upon them. Yet the generation has change not all Japanese were to blame for what happen. If it wasn't for the European and America Japan would have never invade. If only they were take seriously in League of Nations...(Somehting like that i do History as a course in school).

Overall i think this is a goverment thing to continue people feeling of Anti-Japan. Which is wrong. People should get to choose what they watch rather than be prevented to keep to the same feeling. China should quit this nonsense as it is pathetic. Japan did a very big mistake, we know but times have change, they have paid! THEY HAVE PAID THE PRICE IN killing millions! Atomic Bomb is alot because it runs thorughout the years. People are still suffering from radiation, this is life long the chinese one wasn't. no more are getting killed by Japanese. But the japanese are still dying from their mistakes. so this is even out. Done and Dusted as the Japanese are still paying.

This movie is not gloryfied Japan, its just showing something unique about Japan. They are not posititue as they will not bed anyone who has $10, they perform and earn their money, they don't earn by sleeping with the next person who walks through the door. This is a Unjustified ban by China. Its disgusting and Disgraceful. If China can ban a simple film that has not relations to the war what so ever than i believe Japan should ban films China films just for the sake of it!

I'm personally Chinese. I'm not taking this personally, I'm not defending the Japanese neither am i being Partiotic! I'm just being fair, as i have hated the Japanese until i fully go the understand, I'm neutral as China is making thing bigger than it really is.

Brokeback Mountain was also banned, so far there have been two major blockbusters banned this year lol.