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In Topic: Are you left-brained or right-brained

17 October 2007 - 10:25 PM

My percentage score for the right brain is 51%.
My percentage score for the left brain is 49%.

In Topic: Prefer Cute or Sexy?

16 September 2007 - 10:50 AM

I like both past and present. this topic got thinking of this one song by Chamillionaire its Grown and Sexy.
heres the download of the song if you people like

heres the lyric:
Grown and Sexy
From your head down to your toes you know you'r fine (you know your fine)
Got that perfect face a perfect shape and perfect smile (a perfect smile)
But soon as ya turned around (Turned around)
There’s somethin that I realized (Yeah)
You looked better from behind (You look better from behind)
Grown and Sexy

Verse 1:
From the moment ya flashed ya teeth
I knew that we had to meet
Ya face was the mona lisa, ya ass was a masta’piece
Asked you if you was married
and thats when ya answered “No.”
I asked if you had a nigga
and thats when ya said “Fo’ sho.” (So)
I didnt care
As you walked away I would stare
Atcha bottom, in apple bottoms
Ya waist was shaped like a pear
Really round at the bottom, a little thinn up there
So insteada lettin ya leave I pursued ya
Just like the playa
That I am (and damn)
Couldnt help but to help myself
To a helpin cause I smelled some perfume that could make me melt
And ya shoulda seen my demeaner i had to control myself
Approachin you from the rears as I tap you right on ya’ belt
And ya tried to looked suprised
like ya didnt know i was right behind ya
But I could tell by ya smile ya was waitin on me to find ya
Mess with my thought a bit
you tried to play hard to git
You dont wanna look like a freak and pretend like its hard to hit


Verse 2:
Lets give a toast
to the ladies that look better up close
That that look better by tha behind
and better when you approach
you try yo best to get up close
until u smellin tha soap
lovely ladies from coast to coast
get in bed n she dope
not a 8 n not a 9
grade u more than just a dime
bentley steerin wheel body
cuz u look better from behind
grip around ur waste turn it
like im just tryna get a better view
cuz god musta been workin hard when he assembled u
im tryna test drive ur rear and ur shakin
im power steerin ur waste n
i see ur reerers r shakin
if u think i couldnt hanle it
than ur really mistaken
no one here to keep u near
than ur here for tha takin
im still waitin
for u to gimme one good reason
why u couldnt leave n be speedin offa some good breeze n
ull never spend another borin nite in some hood freezin
but posted up i stand in water durin some good season

Had to tell ya that I’m really feelin your style
Saw ya walkin by and couldnt letcha pass
Gotta tell ya that I’m really feelin your smile
But even better is the beauty of ya ass
Staren right into the beauty of ya profile
There’s something that i gotta ask
Can ya let me (Let me...) let me view ya beauty from the back


grown and sexy 4x

In Topic: What is your favoriet Hip Hop artist(s) in the world

15 September 2007 - 10:35 PM

Yeah the new stuff in the US doesn't sound like Hip Hop at all :/

In Topic: Someone please translate Hyori Lee - Hey Girl

14 September 2007 - 11:00 PM

tight!! thank you

In Topic: Beat Of Angel. . ^ Not stop in this nick. .

14 September 2007 - 12:33 PM

aight heres mine