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♥ cheotsarang's EMP ♥

25 January 2008 - 07:09 AM

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Date of EMP: January 25, 2008 11:02pm (UTC/GMT +8)
Date Joined: September 1, 2007
Interval of Date Joined & Date of Emp: 146

After 146 days of posting replies and spamming on the Spamming Section, I finally achieve my EMP Post today. :) And to celebrate my EMP day, here's a special cake for the BoAjjang members.

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And because today is my EMP day, I want to give some gifts and say thank yous. I'll start with some of the BoAjjangers I've become close to.

worldofboaandme aka Gin

Thank you for all the awesome videos you are uploading and for fulfilling my video requests :D You're the very first person I've exchanged messages here in BJJ. You're too generous to devote time on uploading videos and requests while you're working every night. And thank you also for listening every time I encounter some unkind members here hehehe ^_^

Reira_Yuna aka Raul

hehehe... The first time i read your username, I thought you were a girl because your username sounds girlish :) And I also thought that you were a Japanese because of that username. Any plans on changing that on the future? hehehe... :) Like Gin, thank you also for the happy times ( :) ) when we're making fun of some not so kind human beings :D

For Reira_Yuna and worldofboaandme, I will give you an Asus US3 each

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Be The One* aka Kim

Thank you because I thought I was the only person in this world that see Se7en in a different level/perspective :P you know what I mean. Better not to mention it here because we're both protecting our reputations :P But of course I still prefer my Brian than Se7en :P and yeah, what about our plan for your friend? :)

[email protected] aka Fenny

You, me and Kim have the same taste :lol: the three of us likes both Se7en and T.O.P. ^_^ We could even start a clan here devoted to those guys :lol: You're the first fan of Se7en I met here before Kim. On the three of us, I think you're the only one who have no bad intentions on Se7en :lol: Thank you for being the balance between us three. :)

Because the two of you, Kim & Fenny, both like Se7en & T.O.P. (Big Bang)... I'll give the DVD of Se7en's 747 Concert and 7Rhythm Concert. I will also give you girls the latest album of Big Bang (Big Bang For the World) :)

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kyo_jieming aka Kyo

Kyo, so sorry if I mistaken you as a girl before :lol: I know Vickie will laugh when she reads this. :lol: Well, I'm no longer posting that much in the General BoA* Chat or in the Eye Candy section because I'm wasting time spamming in the Spamming Section these last few weeks. :lol: so I can't chat or joined you and Vickie in spamming on General BoA* Chat section.

yunapolaris aka Vickie

hehehe... If i mistaken Kyo as a girl, I mistaken you as a boy on the other hand :lol: I don't know what happen to me by that time why I switched you and Kyo's gender :lol: anyway, thanks for uploading encoded videos too on the Download section. hope to see and chat with you more often here in BJJ :)

Hope you both like these gift, Kyo & Vickie. :) This is a Samsung L77 Digital Camera. it's has 7.1 megapixel, 7 times digital zoom and an ISO 1600. You can take a lot of photos using this digital camera.

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maninwhitecoat aka Danh

Thank you for your VERY long replies to me :lol: It's fun to exchange messages with you because you answer every questions I asked and of course I'm learning something new about the culture & way of living there. well, I'm reading now your latest message and I think you're too lazy to write a 14 paragraph reply :lol: I'll try to reply to you asap :)

And for you Danh, here's the latest Apple's MacBook Air. :P

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For the great uploaders :hug:
and others that I wasn't able to mention, thank you for all the great uploads and for being generous. :) here's a gift for you guys/girls... a Samsung G800. :hug:

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For my fellow spammers in the Spamming section: :wub:
Kung Fu Hung-Su
and others that I failed to mentioned. here's a Samsung SCH W360. :D

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And last but not the least, here's a gift to other fellow BoAjjangers... Se7en's perfume named Touch ^_^

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Again, thank you everyone and see you all in my 5000th posts on the future. :lol:

Happy Birthday Hwanhee!!!

17 January 2008 - 01:07 AM

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Happy 26th Birthday Hwanhee!!!

:notworthy: :thumbsup: :notworthy:

Is it true that Boa's New Image is Too Slutty?

20 December 2007 - 07:13 AM

i saw a youtube user commented that BoA's new image it too slutty. well, i'm keeping an eye on that person's comments and she mentioned that she used to be a fan of BoA and maybe she turned herself into an anti fan. she don't like her new image because it's too slutty.

what do you guys think? :lol:

update: i told that dumb youtube user that he/she just got a dirty mind that's why she's thinking that BoA's new image is too slutty... and he/she never bothers to posts any ill/poor remarks on BoA's videos. hehehe... maybe he/she just taking a holiday off on giving poor comments about BoA :thumbsup:

don't pick on me just because i replied to that youtube user for his/her comment. some fans, like me, reacts by replying to the comment and it's a very normal reaction for a fan to act like that. and no, it's not a pathetic or senseless act because it's just normal.

So the question is TOO simple... do you think BoA's new image too slutty or not? yes or no? and why do you say so?

BoA Xmas Live 2007 Poster

17 December 2007 - 01:48 AM

does anyone got a high quality picture of BoA's Xmas Live 2007 poster?
i "think" i saw it here at bjj but i forgot where. i used the search option here at the forum but i didn't saw the thread where it was posted :D

edit: mods, please close this thread :thumbsup:
thank you :P

Another Pic of BoA in Making of ANYBAND MV

22 November 2007 - 04:28 AM

i like BoA's facial expression on this pic :thumbsup:

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credit: meerong99