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In Topic: BoA to Take 'Special Lessons' in Japan for Upcoming Debut as a

04 September 2006 - 04:59 PM

this isn't good news at all :/


25 August 2006 - 07:34 PM

haha yeah thats what i meant.

hhmm i guess ur right, but does that it mean it will never happen?

btw is MTV KOREA a part of MTV?

In Topic: What is the worst genre of music? xD

25 August 2006 - 02:37 PM

metal. why isn't it up there...

In Topic: SeeYa's Back-up Dancer Suffers from Epilepsy

25 August 2006 - 02:34 PM

There's a very good chance nobody, including the girl herself, knew she had epilepsy at all. It very frequently goes undiagnosed, until a seizure occurs and then the person suddenly realizes he/she has a problem.

I've since downloaded the video, and I can see EXACTLY why the poor girl had a seizure...and I'd bet money that a few TV viewers did, too. The strobe lights were flashing SO FAST and for SO LONG, that any person with epilepsy would've had a problem with the lighting. I've never seen such horrible lighting on a TV perf in my life!! The people responsible for the lighting are 100% responsible for what happened, and someone should tell them not to do that anymore, for the sake of the viewers, as well as the performers and live audience.

You can see the girl had the seizure as a direct result of the lighting. After the long bout of flashing leading up to 1:37 on the video, the poor girl clamps her hands in front of her eyes, then collapses and has the seizure.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I have neurological problems, myself, and my entire face started turning numb and began hurting while watching this video! And I'm on anti-seizure medication!! Plus, I only watched less than 2 minutes of the video on a small screen. I don't want to think of how it must have hurt that poor girl's eyes, being right there, immersed in all that terrible flashing! :wub:

EVERYBODY in the TV industry knows--since that Pokemon incident in Japan--how lights flashing at too fast a rate can trigger seizures. This isn't just some random unfortunate event--those people who set up the lighting CAUSED it with their utter ignorance and incompetence. You just don't use strobe lights for prolonged amounts of time on a TV show, period. Strobes are meant for short bursts, and even at that, they're dangerous because they can disrupt the electrical impulses in the brain, even in healthy people.

Though lots of info about photosensitive epilepsy exists on the net, here's a quick summary I found on Wikipedia:
Guess what? I timed the second round of strobes (in slo-mo...my eyes couldn't take it otherwise), and it was very nearly 30 seconds. That, on TOP of the 10 seconds of equally awful flashing at the beginning of the song. From the looks of it, I'm betting that these were externally triggered strobes, since the flash rate was so high.

Well, if these idiots were trying to make a memorable show, they certainly succeeded. But for all the wrong reasons. JERKS!!

aren't you a little harsh there... :(

so you're saying either that the people in charge of the lights purposely tried to harm the girl because they knew of her problem or that its their faults that she had the problem in her system in the first place. I'm sorry but even if the lighting was a little too much, shouldn't the girl have kwown that these lights weren't the ebst for her. Like you said, whenever you see these your face hurts. SO shouldn't see have felt even a little pain whenever she danced on these shows?

I'm sorry but your reckless accusations aren't right and why are you watching these shows anyway if they hurt you show much.

In Topic: SeeYa's Back-up Dancer Suffers from Epilepsy

24 August 2006 - 07:38 PM

like krjeami said i don't understand why its not surprising.... please explain.