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a question

10 July 2011 - 12:55 AM

sorry i know , kinda random post around here.

but uhh... and i don't know if i'm allowed to post this since i'm kinda asking about other blogs..

but does anyone here knows any links that are able to provide me some old shows about TVXQ activities as 5 ? i want to download some really old stuff about them.. and i use to get a hold of GOEss. i know there's ONETVXQ forum but i can't be that active anymore. so here i am trying to find some other resurrections for all DBSK's oldies. Like X-man, Love Letter's, happy together and such.

if anyone can guide me to any fan blog or safe links it would be really appreciate it.

why the sudden urge for some of you may ask?

well.... last week. i was about to throw .... like literally THROW and give away all my DBSK stuffs (except official CDs and DVDs because it's damn expensive -__-") posters, magz, mousepads, tumblers, stickers (ridiculously i have hundreds of them ...) and last ones ? all those personally burned CDs and DVDs for almost all of their performances, varieties, talk shows, concerts and etc. but before i charitied all out, i let myself enjoy one last time and watch it all before i said bye2 to all of them. though some is already been taken by my friends ...

and that's when disaster happens :P at first i just want to watch it for the sake of memories but it got me hooked again and i'm starting to miss them...
LOL ... as freaky as it sounds i kinda really feel that way. that's why i decided to collect again all their 5 members activities by downloading all of their old files...

[SUG] a layout contest?

23 January 2011 - 11:21 PM

just a suggestion ^^

you guys are in the process of making a new layout right? i was just thinking that it would be fun to make a contest of layouts by members and staffs, the judges will be polls by other members as well, the price.... well their layout would be used and a thousands of fans thank you-ing :D (and maybe.... a chance to meet BoA yaaayyy~)

if that is possible and allowed by the staffs agreement though^^; just a wild thought came up :) (but... not that i participating since i don't understand the usage of computer other than internet, games and making reports LOL)

errors ?

05 November 2010 - 07:25 AM

i've been trying to use the search button @non-boa download sub forum, but the page always says IPS error? is the button being disabbled or any other explanation for it to occur ? it's been awhile since i've log back in so maybe i'm missing some announcements^^;

thanks for explaining people^^ :D :lol:

Happy Birthdaysss^^

20 June 2010 - 05:46 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRee!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 members are celebrating their birthday today
Mirai Pan-chan(17), naveen_arain(18), jlcy2000(27), -rachel-(22), d_love_BoA(22), studmuffin, Wanderer(4), n3wf0ld3r(22), Mz.Nari(17), gael_alexei08(22), SMKenneth(40)

wishing you all the bestest wishes in the world for your special day and.....congratulations on getting a year older LOL

here's some cake for you to enjoy~
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and of course to all BJJ-ers who's celebrating their birthdays also, Happy birthday~ :P go celebrate by sharing her cake LOL :D

question here~

22 May 2010 - 06:24 PM

can we advertise on our sig?
like posting links to like a online shop or something like that?
or maybe a facebook page about the shop or the business ?