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America's Got Talent - Season 2

01 August 2007 - 03:04 PM

I've always wanted to make a topic, but I was hesitant because I wasn't sure if any other BoAjjang members other than myself watched it :unsure: But as you can see, I eventually did anyways...I just love this show and have been watching it faithfully since the season premier XD
I would watch the other countries' versions, too, but I don't have the channels to watch them on tv..so I have to watch low quality clips online T__T

Alongside, Last Comic Standing, this is definitely one of my favourite reality shows. It's entertaining, at times funny, and I can go on about it, but to make things short, just visit here if you are unfamiliar with the show. :blink:

------ ------ -----

Now that the top 10 have been revealed and performed, who do you feel will or should win?
Personally, out of the top 10, my favourite 4 are Cas Haley, The Calypso Tumblers, Terry Fator, and of course, Butterscotch. The others are good too, but these four are all A+'s to me :blink:

There were also a lot of other talent acts that I really liked, but unfortunately did not make it to the top 10 D:

So what do you guys think about this show? Who's going to win? Your personal judging/ratings of each contestant or performance? Past contestants? Anything! XD :blink:

p.s. - poll selections are listed in chronological performance order from first to last, based on the top 10 performance episode aired July 31st.

SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!!!...the movie..lol

18 August 2006 - 02:41 PM

What are your thoughts about this movie? Please share ^.^ Oh and if you do see it, please feel free to leave your reviews, but please try to refrain from giving out spoilers or at least give warnings that there may be spoilers in your review for the people that still want to see it! :P

The first time I saw the preview for this movie a few months ago, my friends and I were like, ":o har har har!! :(" then it was just like..":o" the next 30 times..

but then I read somewhere that Samuel L. Jackson guaranteed this movie would win an Oscar award? So I got interested...and then one of my friends who works at the theatre (he also hooks us up with free movie passes sometimes ^_^) told me it was amazing..and he was being serious xD so now my friends and I plan on going to see it tonight! Yay! :lol:!

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^Just look at Samuel L Jackson's face! He means business!! :lol: XD

How Many Bedrooms Do You Have In Your Home?

09 June 2006 - 01:19 PM

Last year, my poll+question was for the number of bathrooms :wub: A lot of the answers from fellow BoAjjang members were pretty interesting :P ...well they were to me anyway lol :P (I don't know why, but I like talking about houses :lol: :( >_>;; :) )

This year, it's for another important room... the bedrooms! XD :P

I have 3 bedrooms upstairs, plus one in the basement cause we recently got our basement finished for a total of 4 ^.^

What about you guys? :D

NINTENDO 64!!!!!

04 June 2006 - 05:27 PM

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I don't think I went that crazy when I got my Nintendo64 :o !

But when I got my Original Nintendo (NES), I got so excited that I accidently broke it after landing on it while jumping up and down in joy...which of course, lead to tears T___T. My parents then had to buy me another one the next day >_< LOL

Do you guys have any memorable moments with your video games and/or systems? ^_^ :notworthy:
Please share :D


03 June 2006 - 08:41 AM

I know this is really random having a discussion about poop in the Lounge, but I was wondering...
If poop/feces/s' word actually smelt nice...how would this world be like? :P XD
One thing, put downs and disses involving it would be like compliments! lol!

Person A: You smell like poop!
Person B: Oh, gee, thanks! B)

If poop had a nice scent:
Person A:
You smell like poop!
Person B: Oh, gee, thanks! B)

+ it would be kinda weird if they started using it in colognes/perfumes x)

What do you guys think things would be like B)? :P
(Unless you already think poop already does smell nice?! :) XD)