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Weird things that you do/think

27 December 2008 - 10:21 PM

I've always wondered if other people, beside myself, do and/or think some of these things.

-Sometimes I'm in bed thinking "OK, so if a murderer breaks in the house, he'd get my little sister first because the door of her room is first in the hallway, then he'd come to my room and get my older sister because she sleeps closest to the door, then me, then my mom and dad in the next room" and so on and so forth. Or if I'm at a sleepover with a bunch of friends, I always pick a place not so close to the door/window to sleep. Just because I don't want to be the first one to die, or maybe I'll have time to run while he's murdering the first person. lol I'm horrible

-When the ceiling fan is on in the summer or whatever, I try to keep my eye on one of the fan blades while it's furiously rotating. I lose track of it after like 5 seconds.

-When there's a bug or some sort of crawly thing around/on me and I get away from it, I imagine it's probably still on me or something even if I know it's not so I shake or move around a lot just in case.

-This usually happens in the summer, after putting on my clothes on top of a wet bathing suit when I'm at the beach. Then there's a long ride home and by the time I step foot in my house, my shirt is drenched too. And I hate it when I try to take it off before I take a shower because it's like IMPOSSIBLE to get a wet shirt off it's like glued to your body. And when I finally take it off it's like I just won a wrestling tournament and I throw it furiously to the ground making angry noises because it's so annoying and heavy and WET.

-Speaking of wetness, whenever I'm swimming in the lake and we're really far from the shore so it's really deep, I always think there's like sharks there somewhere and kinda scare myself into thinking there's one like right below me I just can't see it because it's too deep. lol

-When I'm somewhere other than home, like at school, or in the car (a passenger, not the driver) and I'm trying to sleep, it's like so uncomfortable. Because at school all you got is a desk, it's all flat, hard and cold. And in the car, it's like impossible to find a good position because there's hardly any space. But when I finally find a good position and I fall asleep, I wake up with pain somewhere in my body because what I actually thought was comfortable, really isn't.

-I hate it when you're either texting, e-mailing, IMing, or posting on forums with like a really long reply or some thoughtful well written essay of advice or something, and people post a one-liner as a "response" to you such as "thanks" or "I agree". It's like I spent all that time for nothing.

-When I'm having a good dream and someone/something wakes me, not being able to finish the dream, I pretend to go back to "sleep" and make up the ending myself. Even if I know it's not the actual ending, it makes me feel accomplished.

-When I go grocery shopping with my mom or something and we pick out the food, I always get the ones in the middle, not on the top, not on the bottom. Because the bottom ones are like ancient, and everybody touches the top ones. This counts for fruits, vegetables and good old shelf food like cans of soup, donuts, etc. You get the idea.

-I ALWAYS have to put lotion on my hands after washing them. If I'm somewhere where lotion isn't available, I won't wash my hands unless it's one of those rare occasions. Because I hate touching anything after having my hands washed. Especially paper, it feels really weird and I just absolutely HATE the feeling. Try it now and see for yourself. Get up, wash your hands, wipe them dry, and open a book or something and feel the paper. *shivers*

-Last one I promise (even though the list is way longer than this): when I meet a cross-eyed person, it's kind of hard to tell where they're looking (I'm sure we can all relate, unless you're cross-eyed yourself) and I'm concentrating on where to look, and I finally settle for between their eyes, right above their nose and the whole time they're talking I'm thinking if I actually look like I'm doing a good job at eye-contact or if they can see right through me and they know I suck at it and by the time I'm done thinking, they're done talking and I missed the whole conversation so I just sit there nodding and saying "uh huh" like an idiot. Actually this happens with non cross-eyed people too sometimes. Just because it's awkward to hold eye contact for so long so I have these arguments in my head on what part of their face I should look at next.

Ok, we've all acknowledged the fact that I'm an odd human being. But here's your chance to show the same about yourself.

I HATE my family.

07 December 2008 - 05:24 PM

I'm the middle child. I'm always either mistreated or ignored. My dad thinks I'm a worthless piece of garbage and he literally thinks I have mental issues (he says this to my face like every other day). My mom pretends she cares but I can see right through her fake expressions. She doesn't care at all. I get yelled at everytime something bad happens, they always turn to me. I get blamed for everything that goes wrong. It's always me, and when I tell them I didn't do it, they find it hard to believe. My dad thinks I'm bad luck. My younger sister always yells and thinks she knows everything, my parents have no control over her whatsoever. She's really bad and extremely annoying but all they do is spoil her. And everytime she asks for something, she ALWAYS gets it. I'm not exaggerating when I say ALWAYS. My older sister is a whole different story. It's gotten to the point where I can't wait until she moves out because I can't live with her anymore. In short: she's a cuty. I don't even want to talk about her. I'm always left in the dust. I was meant to be my aunt's daughter, I know it. Because whenever I visit her, her husband likes me a lot and she tells me I'm her favorite niece. My cousins love me and I get treated like a human being. I mean c'mon, I don't even have a winter coat. My mom's like "oh you can wear one of your older sister's". AS IF! Like I'd ever be seen wearing one of her stupid coats. I just don't belong in my family. Sometimes I wish I was never born, why did I have to be their daughter? I hate every single person I live with. I'm the quiet kid, always have been. All I do is mind my business but they just won't leave me alone. Always putting me down. I've never had a serious meaningful conversation with any of my family members....EVER. Sometimes I even cry, and my mom sees me but doesn't say anything. She just ignores it as if everything's alright. I'm sick of this house. I want to run away, but I can't.

And I know nobody really cares, but I had to get that out.