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Long Distant Relationship

10 June 2009 - 10:34 AM

Due to the 'modernism', there are computers, internet, phone etc. so that people can actually contact each other even from the farthest part of the Earth (except those areas without these modern services like Africa and such but let's just put this in our current conditions). Thus, something has grown after some time talking, chatting, contacting on phone, e-mails, chat rooms etc. - relationship.

I'm wondering if this is possible? There are people who think that a relationship with someone you have not actually met yet is impossible and ridiculous - you have no idea who that person really is, you only keep in touch with him/her through the internet and phone line or probably letters, you have never actually talked to that person face-to-face to see the exact expression (which could lead to a guess of personality), so how can you be in a relationship with that person? You do not know him/her!? That person could lie to you. But there are also some people who think that such distant relationship is even better than actually meeting face-to-face because the two persons can actually talk to each other without being too shy about it, it feels more comfortable and somewhat without actually seeing the other person's face, that person can share and talk about a lot of things about himself/herself which can lead to a lot of understanding and maybe even similarities. And the distance can be the obstacle to prove the faithfulness and such.

Both opinions have their own logic and are quite reasonable at some points yet I fear the 2nd one (the for long distant relationship) because what if it is impossible for the couple to see each other? Maybe some people would say "if they love each other, they will do anything to finally be together" but that is too fantasy-like. After all, this is a real world! I think before 2 people actually commit on a relationship like this, they have to consider if they are able to see each other in the near future because desperation is not good~

What do you guys think? I am for long distant relationship yet somewhat against it... It depends on the situation after all... But do you think this kind of relationship will have a high rate to survive? Or it will be easily over? I know today there are many married couples that met each other through the internet and such and yes their relationship has gone very well (led to marriage!).

Probably it depends on the person too. This is like a "faithfulness test" I guess. Like even you have a bf or gf with you right now but soon he/she will have to go to another country for a business (or some other states) in a quite long time, would you break up with that person? Or would you patiently wait? Same thing to the "leaver" too.

And I am talking about serious relationship, not some kind of teenage crush.

V-Pop (Vietnamese music) lovers?

08 May 2009 - 09:50 PM

Hey guys!

I know K-Pop is the most popular right now and then J-Pop, then following is C-Pop...

I'm wondering if any of you in BJJ like to listen to V-Pop - Vietnamese music.

I honestly dislike the current Vietnamese music in many ways and with many reasons:

-No uniqueness: sadly there are so many Vietnamese songs that are actually copied from songs from other countries, mostly Korean and Chinese. The most popular and typical example is this wannabe Bao Thy aka Lona, whom I seriously hate.
-Dancing skill majorly sucks: they cannot dance at all! When I watched them on youtube, I was like "what? are they monkeys?"
-No fashion sense: most of the singers dress like crap. Either they will copy from Korean/Japanese stars or they create their own style which turns out to be a "no no, you only wear that in a circus!"

And more but I cannot think of anything else right now.

I do have some of my favorite Vietnamese singers like:

-Lam Trường [pronounced: lam jeu-eong] (He is known as Kim Jong Kook of Vietnam with a very romantic and warm-hearted voice)
-Hồ Ngọc Hà [pronounced: ho n-gok ha] (she is super hot and her voice is very unique, she's actually half Vietnamese and half German so I guess that makes her sexy and beautiful)
-Phương Vy [pronounced: feu-eong vee] (she is the very first Vietnamese idol. Her voice is powerful and she actually sings English very well too!)

I like them because they can sing and they have their own styles among many many wannabes in V-Pop industry.

Here are some videos I would like to share with you so that you know how they sing. I am in love with Lam Truong's voice!

Lam Truong's cover of Ahn Jae Wook's Korean song called "Forever" (Vietnamese title is "Mãi mãi" [pronounced: ma-ee ma-ee] with the same meaning).

and a song he wrote and composed himself - "For You For Me" ("Cho Bạn Cho Tôi") - This song is about friendship. It is lovely!

Posted Image

Ho Ngoc Ha's MV of one of her single in 2007 "(Dream is) Only Dream" (Vietnamese title is "Giấc Mơ Chỉ Là Giấc Mơ")

and a dance video "Wanna Tell You" ("Muốn Nói Với Anh")

Posted Image

Phuong Vy's debut single "First Moments Of Love" ("Lúc Mới Yêu") MV
and the english subbed version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLi4l3W9lbE

Her English song "Leave Me The *Beep Alone" XD - I think her english pronunciation is very good compared to many many Vietnamese people there (even Asian people in general).

Posted Image

I am very annoyed with many people bashing them on youtube so just ignore those stupid comments =.=;; Of course I know many Vietnamese singers suck but not all of them are bad. These that I like are actually very talented.

I am not talking about any Vietnamese music in the States or overseas like those Thuy Nga's Paris By Night production or Van Son, or Asia etc. since they mostly use very very old songs from the way back in the 80s, 70s, or even older during world war II and Vietnam War! Tradition is good yet it still needs to be modernized and keep up with the time! I like the music from those shows and they can really sing and dance (certainly due to the better techniques in the US), but most of them are like.. so old now =.=;;

When I talk about Vietnamese music, I focus more on the main country but if you have more interest on the Vietnamese music overseas, you are welcome to talk about it.

Define ART?!?

23 April 2009 - 11:40 PM

Since I am an artist myself. (Well, I consider myself an artist because I love art and my major is art related - Animation/3D Media :lol:) And I see that there are a lot of artistic and talented people in BJJ, so I am quite curious about everyone's view of Art. Here are a few questions I'd like to ask you:

1. What do you think of Art? (Or how do you define Art?)
2. How do you observe and receive it?
3. What branch of Art interests you most? (Music, Film/Theater Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting, Illustrator, Interior design, Fashion design etc.?)
4. Do you have any talents/skills in Art? (like singing, drawing, building, designing ability etc.) If yes, list them. If no, tell me if you are working on a skill or would like to have one. State the inspiration if you have one.
5. Which artist(s) do you like most? (Artists include painters, singers, dancers, actors, designers, songwriters etc.) Do they have any significant influence on your view of art or even on your view of life? And what is it?

Those are 5 basic questions I can think of for right now. And here are my answers to them:

1. Art is another way to define "beauty". Every person has his own way to observe an object and find specific interesting details in it. Some may think it is not pretty and impressive enough while the others may think completely otherwise. Art could be found in everything around us, even the most simple and normal thing like a cup, a tree, a house etc. Art could also be found in-visually like music. Art, in my opinion, is the best way to express one's feelings.

2. Simply look or listen if there is sound and let the emotion flow.

3. I've been most interested in Drawing and Music. But I have been taking sculpture and ceramics classes and i find myself have a lot of fun with them so i think Ceramics and Sculpture are added in the list. I am also interested in Film and Theater Art since my major is Animation, so I am mostly drawn to the cartoons and animated movies.

4. I am best at drawing. I'm ok at painting (I've been practicing a lot). I am good at singing and acting too, especially voice-acting (I think). I started to really like drawing when I first saw the anime Sailor Moon when I was only 5 years old. I imitated the art in that anime and my parents realized I actually got the skill so they sent me to a drawing class, which turned out horrible to me, I did not like the way they taught.

5. I don't really have a most favorite artist unfortunately. But I really like Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh for painting. I'm very interested in Roman and Greek classic sculptures. For music, I especially admire Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Abba, Carpenters, and some Vietnamese songwriters. For cartoons/anime/manga, I love Disney, Rumiko Takahashi (author of Ranma 1/2 and Inu Yasha), FUJIKO F. Fujio (author of Doraemon), Gosho Aoyama (author of Meitantei Conan and Yaiba), and Akira Toriyama (author of Dragon Balls and Dr. Slump) etc.

By the way, what do you think of this piece of art?

Posted Image

This is called "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp in 1917. He just found a urinal, adjusted it to a 90 degree position, signed his name as "R. Mutt" and voila, a new work of art was born!

Do you think it's Art? Why and why not?

In my opinion, it is Art in general, but somewhat personally I think it is just too easy, too simple and too obvious to just put something like a urinal and call it "Art". Sometimes I think sarcastically that maybe I should rearrange the position of a toilet and sign on it and voila I will become a famous artist?! Maybe that thought is already originated by Duchamp, which has caused him as an artist with an unusual yet unique style, which made him and "Fountain" famous. I don't know. What about you?

Happy Birthday to our Admin!

15 April 2009 - 08:02 PM

*counts: 1, 2, 3...!*

"Happy Birthday to you,
You live in a zoo,
You look like a BIG BEAR,
You smell like one too!!! :) :lol:"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER (Anathel ~ BoAjjang Co-Admin) XD ~04/15/09~

Posted Image

Ok~ since this man is one of my most favorite BJJ staffmembers (due to the fact that he is super weird!!! *like me! XD*), I would like to dedicate this thread for his Birthday (and since I don't know any other way to give him as a present, so Anathel, please consider this a present :D).

This is how Anthel would looke like... (based on his own BJJ member profile)

Posted Image

Or that could be his pet :) , I have no idea since I've never met him and seen him in real life, I have no idea how he would look like but... it does not really matter anyway~~ hehe~~~ :lol:

Here is the cake!!! :P

Posted Image

And Chocolate cake for chocolate lovers! XD

Posted Image

And lots of presents from everyone in BJJ! :)

Posted Image

And a teddy bear from me! <3

Posted Image

And~~~ also wishing other BJJ members whose birthday is today as well a wonderful day filled with excitement and surprises!! ^^

Orange County CA: crazy police car chase O.o;;

12 April 2009 - 06:05 PM

I find this funny and amusing XD so I want to share..

I think the woman really lost her mind when she did this, I mean trying to race with the cops? I'm pretty sure it's 100% no chance.

And there were a lot of sirens ^_^

No wonder CA is one of the states most famous for the crazy driving~