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#1888355 The Luxurious EMP

Posted by -nothing- on 12 November 2008 - 09:17 AM

Ok~ I know this is very late to make an EMP so here we go

Posted Image

first I wanna say thank to our angel
Posted ImagePosted Image
kamsahamnida Posted Image cos of u I know abt KPop and JPop... 5 years I became ur huge fan... u rawkss!!! Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image aka Angel ---> this girl errr I dunno wad I want to say to ya!!!Posted Image since we know each other!!! well I just wanna say thanks cos of u I know BJJ hahahaha... Dun dare to call me phosile in here, k? or u will be like this Posted Image hehehe
Posted Image
Here I gave u Ferrari 360 Spider
Posted Image
nah~ Korean chopstick for ya Posted Image

Posted Image aka Ryan ---> this lil boy... he is really nice and funny, a math loverPosted Image... Ryan now I really miss chatting with u on YM oh yeah HIBRL? Posted Image
Posted Image
Since u always using blue on YM so I gave u a Lamborghini blue... oh Ryan just recently get driving license
Posted Image
Prof also love to play guitar

Posted Image aka Clarissa ---> haiya this girl, hehehe... she's so cute and I always laugh when chat with her... She hate math like me. Clar now I remember which thread that we're met! Ranting thread~ First chat with u on there :rolleyes: She also wanna be psychologist (GO GAL!!! reach ur dream) :D oh I'm so lucky meet person who has a rhyme name with me :thumbsup:
Posted Image
go get ur driving license and drive this car~Posted Image
Posted Image
and this camera so can take any pics that u want :P

Posted Image aka Fenny ---> this girl is architect actually... do you mind design some house for me someday? First met on my intro... I wish u can get ur job soon~
Posted Image
u love to driving, rite? :wub:
Posted Image
u also love korean foods Posted Image

Posted Image aka Trieu ---> first time meet on spam section... he loves japanese, Trieu sometimes ur games is really hard... can u make a easy game?Posted Image
Posted Image aka Jaevus---> xiao di di or Mr Tinky Winky Posted Image dude, u shud try to catch up when i have a convo with Ryan!!! why are u so seldom to online lately??? I wonder why Clar call u tinky winky?well~ u're still my dear spammer :wub:
Posted Image aka Kevin---> he is the encoder and also kind person... Kev, u job is really awesome I admit it :D
Posted Image aka Jieming---> he is always everywhere around on BJJ and so famous in here... although we're seldom to talk but u're really like to play tennis :rolleyes:
Posted Image aka Jason---> Mr.999, when u're gonna post ur sacred EMP? I remember u ever try to translate my siggy... this guy beside stuck at 999, also stuck at spam section specially "the person above you" and "boys and girls game"... c'mon hurry make ur 2nd EMP ^_^
Posted Image
here is Ducati for each of u boys :D
Posted Image
and also Rolex watch~

Posted Image aka Breeann---> she is a huge fan of DBSK and really like YunHo same with me (good taste, B Posted Image) she is also a cute girl and her fave game on spam section is "would you rather". First meet on boys and girls game... I'm still remember is me, Clar, and Breeann make that game became minus hahaha.
Posted Image aka Siti---> this girl so cute and the 2nd person that she thought my age is under 20 (u said I'm 16 ;))... so seldom talk to her but she is BLUE freak...
Posted Image aka Mai---> she like make a siggy and banner... her photoshop skill is really awesome... Big fan of chocolate:lol:
Posted Image aka Vikki---> she is spammer and likes to play "the werewolf game"... I remember first time meet her on her re-intro "Back from the grave" (I like that intro title so creative :D)
Posted Image
here is the present for you all gals! LOMO camera.... this camera is really cool^^
Posted Image
and also Rolex :D
Posted Image
TV plasma for ur home :D

other spammers and my friends list boa_fan1 (Leanie), CADENZA (Sunny), Imperialist, pupluvgurl (Linda), etc ---> guys u all so adorable is really fun when spamming with u all guys

thanks to Eu-Kun (Eugene) who is created this family and the leader Kung Fu Hung-Su (Hung-Su)... woah I love this family :D

Chocolover's Club
so long I didnt post in this club >.< but I really enjoy to be a member of club... Thanks to Lily as a president club :)
Posted Image
PSP chocoPosted Image
Posted Image
choco cake roll towel Posted Image

Coffee Lover's Club
woah this club for a coffee lover... I remember Lily make this thread... I cant forget this club I'm a coffee lover Posted Image
Posted Image
a black coffee for coffee lover :D
Posted Image
Iced Cappuccino Posted Image

To Admins, mods and other members THANK YOU

Posted Image ---> CHEERS!!!

Posted Image
golf stick for all of you^^
Posted Image
sony ericsson C902 for all SE fans~
Posted Image
sony cybershot :D

wuih~ finally finish Posted Image thanks for read this long EMP Posted Image

Let's!!! SMILE EVERYONE Posted Image