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#2311412 [9th JPN Album] Watashi Kono Mama de Ii no Kana / 14.02.2018 Release

Posted by Baco__ on 13 February 2018 - 10:03 AM

https://drive.google...YvtKZf4CuC2eTwz here's if you guys want to listen to it before it hits spotify (which is taking forever lmao)

I loved the album. share your thoughts <3

#2310682 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by Baco__ on 20 December 2017 - 03:17 AM

On a brighter side: results of the lottery are out. I got tickets for Nagoya and both days in Osaka! Who's going? ❤

#2310498 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by Baco__ on 09 December 2017 - 03:26 PM

Well, I rather have Japanese songs than no song at all. If you don't wanna go alone to watch her at the theaters, don't blame it on her nor her management lol she is a has-been and we have to deal with that. Popstars have an expiration date and BoA's is long gone. The era when she kept herself at the top every time she released something in Korea is over. We are in our mid 20s,at least, aren't we? It's time for us to let it go of this urgency. She isn't the processed artist she used to be, she has taken control of her career and is releasing things that she likes to sing, dancing to tunes she likes to dance and that's it. I confess I am pretty happy with the way she is handling her career since only one. We didn't have the Japanese album we wanted, but her singles since I SEE ME were amazing, Lookbook is amazing, Japanese version of KML is amazing, I really love it all. Maybe because the way she is driving it is one way I like (musically). My least favorite era (HV) is basically everyone's favorite (especially of those who are newer to kpop and ignore jpop) and it's the one I felt she last let people direct her too much. Do people really care about her actress career that much to be mad at her because of things she doesn't even can change (movie releases?). We've seen this with Make Your Move lmao just chill and wait. We have a tour now. And one of something we didn't listen to yet (isn't this a first for her?). If she is obligated by contract or if she really wants to release this, I don't know, we don't know. Now I only know I am happy we're going to have new music, be it a full album, be it a mini :D

#2307281 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by Baco__ on 20 October 2016 - 11:51 AM

Those sm station tracks are basic and boring af, gosh. I hardly complain about her releases, but lately this has been just dull for me. It's like she didn't even release them lol

#2307173 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by Baco__ on 20 September 2016 - 07:26 AM

I love airport de machiawase!! Haha

#2304353 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by Baco__ on 12 May 2016 - 07:06 PM

The first BoA song I heard was Atlantis Princess. It holds such a special place in my heart <3

#2304069 NEW ALBUM !!!! (Cover+Tracklist)

Posted by Baco__ on 20 March 2016 - 12:47 PM

It's fake. I'm really sad =C

#2304005 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by Baco__ on 04 March 2016 - 07:05 PM

Her vocals are amazing in this show. I'm impressed. And she looks do excited. I love this woman more and more each day haha

#2303986 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by Baco__ on 02 March 2016 - 07:34 AM

Does anyone have this is 1080p? Ou 720p? I really want a high quality download so I can make my live album of this, because it deserves so much a live album! Her voice and band are on point!

#2303971 [NEWS] Minor BoA News

Posted by Baco__ on 29 February 2016 - 01:43 PM




#2303606 Why Is BoA Flopping in Japan?

Posted by Baco__ on 07 January 2016 - 03:26 AM

Okay, we can close the topic and make Yennie the new BoA's carreer manager

#2303414 So I travelled across the Pacific Ocean for NOWNESS Live in Japan...

Posted by Baco__ on 17 December 2015 - 02:07 AM

Isn't satisfying reading such a feedback/review of a BoA live show? I love BoA fans, really, I love you haha cause you are the ones who understand what I feel for her work. That was a great read and I'm genuinely happy for you. One day we will all meet in a live show, you'll see. <3

#2303282 [2015.12.9] BoA - Lookbook (Single) - PROMOTION / Details

Posted by Baco__ on 01 December 2015 - 11:02 AM

hope they will release a dance version for both KML and lookbook in the future album *sight*

#2302927 Kiss my lips ALBUM Hanteo daily sales and Gaon numbers

Posted by Baco__ on 10 October 2015 - 09:42 AM

Well, I think BoA is old news because she's been there for 15 years and that's it. Kpop is really about trends, how someone here mentioned. I doubt that if even SM would promote her as Taeyeon is being promoted something would change, really. The decline in her sales was not something neither new nor recent. Her sales were low as far as My Name Era (compared to No. 1 and Atlantis Princess). By GoT Era her sales were 1/5 of what she achieved with No. 1 and 1/3 of what she achieved with AP. This happens a lot because, we know that, who buy cds, who insists on an artists are young people and fans, who can relate to what's being sung or, nowadays, if the song fits into a club's/party's setlist. I wish she was better promoted, yes. But I saw the unpack of Taeyeon's album and can't actually tell what's so much better than what we got from HV, Only One limited edition and Here I Am DVD (which must have sold like 10 copies and has the most beautiful DVD box, booklet and content I've ever seen).

I wish just that people from Korea would recognize her talent more, but that's something we can only wish. BoA is kinda over for most of them and only massive promotion - TV, magazines, radio, flyers, etc - would solve this. Unfortunately I can't see this coming from them. Not for her :(

(PS: about the MV. BoA had several MVs recorded in foreign places. Don't Start Now, No. 1, Atlantis Princess, HV... The thing is she didn't have a nice MV for a ballad. I mean, if Taeyeon's "I" was a dance record, she would be probably in a box/platform/parking lot, like every other SM act haha

#2279446 【Official Thread】"Kiss My Lips" Promotions

Posted by Baco__ on 22 May 2015 - 12:02 PM

I won't be 100% happy until we get the here I am dvd =C

Someone ate the fan meeting should ask this, right? Any of us is going there? Haha