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Ed Hardy croos over THE FACE Tour T-shirt

02 December 2011 - 09:04 AM

so, I know its kinda insane and I know we dont support fake, but I hope any of you could help me on that :'C

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does any of you have this logo with the opossum in HQ, HD or any bigger than that?

you probably know what I'm planning, but the original is 250 dollars on ebay and its women t-shirt, this used to be the boys one but theres is none on ebay anymore :C and if I had the money I would already be wearing this T-shirt lol but I don't so I'm planning doing my own, but I sure need the image to be huge to at least feel adorable <3

oh, I would love the back part either, although I guess that one would be easier to make on Photoshop lmao

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Korean and japanese people on BoA

01 November 2011 - 03:52 PM

Okay, I don't know if the title was appropriate, but what I wanna know is: have you ever met a korean/japanese person and told them you like/love BoA? and what they said?

I saw a similar topic on AHS and remembered something funny that happened to me and I'd really want to share this with BoA fans from BJJ and also ask you what I've already asked lol

Back in 2008/2009 (yeah, it was new years eve) I was in NYC, it was like 22h or so and me and my mom and my aunt were in a gift store, looking for those typical NYC gifts like the "I <3 NY" shirt and all and I was listening to BoA's DO THE MOTION. I don't know if this happen with you, but when I listen to BoA (and a few artists more), wherever I am: I sing the song. Sooo I was singing when this cute japanese girl (around my age now, 20 years old, but I was like 17 at the time) and asked in japanese "hey! do you speak japanese?" and I was like "oh, sorry, but I don't speak japanese!" and then she called a friend and presented us and herslef and they both started asking how did I knew how to sing in japanese so well, even not knowing a word of what I was singing, and asked me why I liked BoA (they recognized some of her songs I sang, like DTM, No. 1 and, duh, VALENTI lol) and when I said I like Utada, ayu and Namie as well they said "Namie is from our hometown, Okinawa! but her music is... for girls, mostly. It sounds awkward when you sing them" and I got really embarassed 'cause I sang, ahnn... Want Me Want Me lmao

anyways, they said BoA once was very very popular, but not that much, nowadays, but both of them liked her a lot (although one of them liked Usher more (she kept on saying that) lol). and fun fact n.º 1: they didn't know BoA was korean 'till very recently, 'cause they said her japanese was so fluent. fun fact n.º 2: at the time was when ayu broke her arm doing something (a concert, recording a MV, cant remember) and they were like "WOW, HOW DID YOU KNWO THAT? IT WAS ON THE NEWS JUST THIS WEEK!" and I said "well, we do have internet in Brazil lol"

(oh, btw, if a similar topic already exists, sorry. you can close this :C )


27 July 2010 - 06:41 AM

First, I hope I'm posting in the right section haha

second, I hope this topic won't flop :C

anyways, the day 'GAME' was released me and a few friends started a hashtag, inspired by @BoAnews, called @BoADAY.

I would love to see #BoADAY at first in worldwide TT's in twitter. guess everybody here too. so, I'm thinking.. why don't we flood twitter like ELFs, S♥NES and other kpop fanclubs do. make #BoADAY #1 :'C

we could do this everyday she releases a MV or a song and the very day of her album release.

so, what do you think?


if there's anyone who would like to join, follow me, i'll follow back, we keep in touch for the days we should start "#BoADAY"ing lol


that's it :')

help with asian auctions in general

18 June 2009 - 05:55 PM

so, here's the thing: i wanna buy stuff from yahoo auctions japan/hk/taiwan... but, since i don't live in any of those countries, i ain't allowed to buy. I know the existance of some shops that make the transaction and stuff, their fees seem too expensive though. I'm here asking for help from someone who lives in japan/hk/tw to make things easier to a poor BoA fan which can't handle that fees xD or, if anyone buys from this auctions sites, list some shops that makes the transactions (but are less expensive than crescent shop xD)... If any is interested on helping me... Lemme know.... I pay through paypal ^^... Anyways... Hope i ain't doing something against the forum rules by asking this... Send me a pm if u could help me! I ain't ask for much xD... Like... 5~10 items fsom japan xD ... Thanks!

*~* My BoA Collection *~*

22 April 2009 - 06:50 AM


I live in Brazil, and it's kinda difficult, mostly because of the shipping high cost, for me to get cds...

I begun in 2006 with an OUTGROW cd only...

and here's my collection 'till date ^^"

hope you like it...

It's not THHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAT big, but I'm working on it ^^""

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Listen To my Heart
VALENTI (cd+dvd)
Best of Soul
OUTGROW (cd+dvd)
Best&USA (2cd+2dvd)


Listen To My Heart
Don't Start Now
Shine We Are
Be The One
Make a Secret
Key of Heart (cd+dvd)
Nanairo no Ashita ~brand new beat~ (cd+dvd)
Winter Love (cd+dvd)
Sweet Impact
Sweet Impact (cd+dvd)




Merry Chri


To come:

Rock With You (japanese single)
Every Heart ~Minna no Kimochi~
the Love Bug w/ sticker (*O*)
VIVID (cd+dvd)


I ordered at playasia the My Name long sleeve case ... They didn't answered if they had in stock, but if they do *-*

and ordered today My Name and Girs on Top cd+dvd from playasia.. I recomend 'cause they are with a GREAT offer!!!

both albums under 20!!!