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BoA in Ed Hardy shirt

17 August 2008 - 06:40 PM

It's kind of old, I'm not sure if it's been seen or not yet; search isn't working for me :<
I remember the pictures from the performance that BoA wore the Ed Hardy hat from? I was looking on Ed Hardy's site and came across this picture! Her hair looks like it's from the Over The Top performance?

Posted Image

;) I really hope it hasn't been posted before, it's not really new.

ps. does anyone happen to know the name of the shirt she's wearing? or what season collection it's from? i really like it :]

BoA on American Radio's

08 March 2007 - 11:16 PM

It's nothing too big, but it's a bit interesting.
My friend told me a bit ago, that she heard clips of BoA songs on the radio where she lives.
& I'm always up there visiting my grandparents, so we're constantly together.
At first, I didn't believe her.
Then I thought she meant they played the SONG itself, but she said they don't.

So one night, we're driving to Fred Meyer's.
& you know how when the DJ's are talking they like to play background clips from popular songs of the time?
Well, I start hearing the riff from My Name playing, and I literally freak out, thinking they'll play the actual song.
But it's just the background "jingle".

Then, on the ride home, the background music of Dakishimeru starts playing!
I'm just like, I cannot believe this. They're using BoA's music as a background jingle to their radio station!
& get this, this is in a small town that has pretty much next to nothing.
Their mall gets less people in it at once, then your local grocery Wal-Mart.

Next time I'm up there, I'll try to catch a clip from the radio with her music playing.
It's seriously bizarre.

Does this sort of thing happen often?
Where American radio stations use Asian music as their background jingles?

[REQ] Lee Hyori - Get Ya'

01 March 2006 - 06:18 PM

Are there any lyrics out there for this yet? Or does anyone have them? I haven't been able to find anything :lol:

Thanks so much if anyone has this! <3

PS. If anyone has lyrics for the rest of the album or if you know where to get them, I would appreciate that too. Thanks again :)