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How to gain motivation back?

07 August 2006 - 01:42 AM

I've lost my motivation of studying. Maybe for forever? :D

I've got many useful tips reading several books about motivation and time management. I can set and write my goals down but I can't fulfil them. My goals are like "I'll read 10 pages today and another 10 pages next day" but the truth is "Eww... I don't wanna read today. 20 pages for tomorrow isn't so bad" and this continue and continue. I do know procrastinating will not make things easier. It'll only make them harder.

When I was studying at secondary school (=junior high school) I got almost everytime A from all subjects. After finishing my secondary school I got into good high school. I used to take little (I highlight little) pressue before exams at my secondary school time. Now that feeling is gone. I don't even bother to prepare for the exams and I've get used to accepting crappy marks (=grades). What's wrong with me? I seriously need to get my studying routine back but how? What am I afraid for? A failure? No, I did that already.

The problem is not that I have inadequate information of studying techniques. I did that course too. I've been advising couple of my friends to find the right techique and they are getting better marks now.

I am always interested in Biology. This subject is the only one which has been remaining at A level. What special have I done to gain that grade? Nothing. I was present at every lesson (unless I was sick) and I did the exercises that teacher gave us and homework, of course, as I did for other subjects. I didn't read the text book longer than I needed to solve exercises. That's all I did. I still don't bother to open the text book for preparing for exams. Somehow biology is easier to me.

I can't base my motivation on a "dream" occupation. I don't know what I am going to do for living. Biology interest me but I don't want to be a teacher or a researcher (who has unstable income).

I have been speaking to careers adviser (or guidance counselor) at the middle of my frist year. She thought this would be the results of me taking too much. I had 8 (sometimes 9) courses per term. I didn't think it was much. I couldn't see my friends on weekdays but I could on weekends. We talked and I decided to stay extra year. Beginning of my second year I had 6-7 courses per term and am even able to see my friends on weekdays. Yeah, I have more free time now but I don't spend it on studying though I should. Here, secondary school take three years for most people so extra year means four year to me. My 3rd year starts next week and I seriously need your advices.