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Awww.... THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS OF SUPPORT (^__^) I'm still a nobody when compared to a lot of all stars such as Aliks, DJ Amaya, and Masa. Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!!!!
Oct 05 2010 11:04 AM


Whooow, if I'm correct I finally found the legendary JT Leung :O You are a genius remixer ! You really need to promote yourself on the forum ! (I was searching the web on JT Leung :O and couldn't find the legendary man behind it)
Oct 03 2010 01:10 PM


hey ik kom ook uit nederland.
man ik dacht ,dat ik de eigen nederlander was die Boa kende.
Is jef je echte naam?
ik zit je niet op te chatten.
Jan 13 2008 03:07 PM