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In Topic: Your First Kiss! How did it go???

10 February 2008 - 05:02 PM

Well. with me...

I was 16...so it wasn't too long ago.

And it was with my best friend, go figure. haha.
we dated when i was in ninth grade
but we didn't kiss until i was in 11th and we were best friends

it was kinda random.
and in a weird place....
a corner in the haunted house we both worked at. hahaha.

but it wasn't awkward or weird. course i didn't know what i was doing.
but after that we kinda sorta randomly made out for no reason sometimes. xD
but yeah....there was tongue the first time too.
so i kinda freaked.

so yeah. and i always thought first kisses would go bad no matter what. mine didn't :P